Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coincidence to End All

Over the past 1.5 years or so I have kept in contact with my ex-boyfriend, Andy, after the loss of his wife due to HELLP syndrome. She delivered their sweet little boy and two weeks later she passed. I wrote about it on my blog here a couple of times in September and November 2009. Since that time, Andy and I have kept in contact here and there. Fast forward to last week my DH came home from work (as a utility contractor) and asked me, "What is Andy's parents address?" We discovered that he was doing some work on the house across the street from Andy's parents house. What a coincidence! It isn't like St Paul is a small city, for Heaven's sake! So, I texted Andy and said, "Tell your parents sorry about the noise tonight. Mike's guys are doing a job at the house across the street from your parents". We were texting back and forth and when I asked how he and were doing, he told me that they were going to go to a waterpark in Eau Claire, WI for the weekend in honor of Bri.enne's (his wife who passed away) birthday, which was last Thursday. When I saw this on my phone, I COULD NOT believe my eyes. You see, over two months ago we had planned with DH's extended family to go to the same waterpark for this very same weekend. What a crazy coincidence that he and and his sis and her family would be going there during the same time as us! I called him up and explained that we would be there that weekend as well. We joked that we would see each other this weekend and got off the phone. Friday night we got to the hotel/waterpark and got up to our room. Mike and Logan decided to go down to the waterpark while I put the babies to bed for the night. I went to answer the door a little while later when Mike's cousin knocked on it. As I was talking to he and his family, all of a sudden Andy's sister comes walking by. We started talking and I found out that Andy was two doors down from us and his sisters room was across the hallway. What a coincidence! Not only did we coincidentally go to the same hotel/waterpark 1.5 hours away from our houses on the same weekend, but our rooms were practically right next to each other. How crazy! It was a really fun weekend with the family and it was good to see Andy and his family. His sister has twins who are 14 years old and when I was dating Andy I went to the hospital with him the day they were born to meet those little angels. And now I have twins of my own. At one point during the weekend we were in the pool and waterpark area and Caden was walking in the shallow water over to where Andy and were playing. I looked at Andy and said, "Who would have ever thought years ago that our kids would be playing together in the pool?" He looked back and said, "I know. I think it's pretty cool though". And it is. I mean, who in their right mind would have ever thought that I would practically spend the weekend with my ex-boyfriend years after we had broken up. Before we officially started dating, we made a pact that we would always be friends, no matter what. I guess the pact that we made all those years ago really was quite fitting and that it has come full circle. And, big props goes to my DH for not having a jealous bone in his body. He handled the weekend with grace and an incredible level of sympathy for Andy and his situation. I love that man so much and I couldn't have picked a better husband. OK, I have formatted this twice and it still comes out like one long paragraph. Anyone else having this issue with their blog?


MyTwoLines said...

That is all so crazy! Obviously meant to be :)

SplitRock said...

Hey there...I was doing some research on CCRM and found your blog. Long story, but I had HELLP as well. I am so sorry to hear what happened to your friend Andy's wife. If you want to msg me, my email is p i e b o n @, minus all of the spaces. I would love to know more about Andy and his child - we are doing the Preeclampsia Foundation's Promise Walk next month, and we would be honored to add his wife's name to our shirts in honor of her memory.

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