Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cancun for Spring Break

Two weeks ago we embarked on a spring break trip. Our second airplane trip with all three of our boys. Although the first one doesn't necessarily count because we took them to Florida when they were eight weeks old and they slept the entire flight. We, meaning me, DH, our three boys and our nanny (the one we used last summer for two days/week). Sometimes I think it would be nice to go on a trip without the kids, but there will be plenty of time for that later when they are older and don't want to hang out with their parents anymore. For right now it is a party of five and some help!

All of my boys did so well the ENTIRE trip. I am still stunned at how well they traveled and did away from home. Our trip started with waking the boys up at 3:15 am to get to the airport by 4:00 am to get on a 6:00 am trip. Logan came running downstairs bursting with energy saying, "today is the day we go to Mex.ico!". Caden and Colton were bright eyed and wondering where in the world we were going in the middle of the night.

We had a great flight where both Little Monkeys napped for about an hour (until the pilot came on and talked for a minimum of five minutes giving us a geography lesson about what "sights" we would see from 36,000 feet in the air. News flash: No one cares where we are at that time of the morning and thanks for waking up my babies on this four hour flight). Anyways, even though the boys were woken up, they were pretty content on the flight. We had to stand up with them a couple of times, but it was definitely manageable. And we were able to pass Caden and Colton back and forth between me, DH and Miss M (our nanny), so it was definitely doable. And thank Heavens for the iPad! Logan had so much fun playing games I had just downloaded especially for the trip. Especially An.gry Bir.ds. I swear he is addicted to that game!

When we got off of the flight in Can.cun, we were directed by an airport employee to "follow me". He put us to the front of the immigration/customs line! The Mexican people love kids and babies and we had the same treatment five years ago when we brought Logan as a toddler. There were at least 300 people waiting in line and we did not have to wait. We were so grateful and thanked him a ton! When we arrived at the hotel, the Mo.on Pal.ace Go.lf Re.sort and Spa, we were treated the same way. We were brought to the front of the check-in line, given champagne to drink, the kids were given snacks and Miss M and I were given flowers. When the gentleman checking us in told us that our room would be ready in 30 minutes we were completely fine with that. It was only 11:30 and check-in wasn't until 3:00. One of his co-workers looked at him and said, "No No. Those babies need to get to their room." She made a quick phone call in really fast Spanish and then told us that our room was ready now. Amazing service!! And, what a room it was! We booked a presidential suite and knew that we would have two bedrooms and a main living space.

One bedroom



The entire week I felt like I was in paradise. We played miniature golf almost every day, hung out at the pool, played on the beach, got pedicures, manicures, massages, ate great food, drank yummy drinks, spent some time alone with my hubby and some time with Logan while the babies napped.

And, having Miss M come with us with the best decision we could have made for this vacation. It was so nice to have another set of hands to help out and she is so in tune with our family. She is such a blessing to our family and we are so thankful that she would come on vacation with us over spring break. Because, really, we couldn't have traveled with three small children without her. She just jumps in and does what needs to be done and we are so in sync that it is amazing. And, my boys LOVE her and feel so comfortable with her.

Before we left I bought Caden and Colton some sandals. The second day we were there we lost one, go figure. We looked in our room all over for it and even asked at the Lost and Found. We had all of our shoes lined up by the main door to our room and there sat the three sandals. Three days later, there were FOUR sandals sitting there. Housekeeping must have found it somewhere and brought it to our room. Now, that is what I call service.

Me, Caden-left and Colton- right




Mike and the boys

Group shot

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Give Some Love

Please head over the My Two Lines and give my dear bloggy friend some love, encouragemnt, supoort and did I say love? She found out that her international adoption for two babies, twinblings, will be delayed much further out than originally estimated. This, after she had gone through so much already on her IF journey.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the Mend

We have been sick for way too long at our house. Every time we get rid of a cough, cold, drippy nose combo, we get another wave of it. I am thinking that Logan is bringing home these little bugs from the petri dish they called "Elementary School". Thankfully, for the past 1+ week we have been fever free. Just little drippy noses for the babies and I, but it is much better than the not-feeling-good-feeling-like-crap-hacking-coughing-green-snot-nose-crabby-kids-(and-mom)-kind-of-cold.

The worst thing about this winter is that Logan has had two ear infections and a spikey, random fever, Caden has had two ear infections and Colton has had three ear infections and pneumonia. In the last six weeks. Of course, it is no fun to be sick, but I am so sick of my boys and I being sick!

Alas, you think my house is not is! I do not like a dirty house, even with three kids trampling all of over it. And I am obsessive about washing my hands, their hands and reminding my husband to wash his hands. Obsessive. To the point of raw, open wounds on my knuckles. Last week I even bundled the little boys up in their snowsuits to take them on a walk when it was super cold outside and I opened the windows of the house to air it out and "freeze out" the germs. I am sure when I told my DH what I had done, he saw dollar signs flying out the window as the furnace kicked into high gear.

Next week we are getting all of the boys ears rechecked to make sure their ear infections are gone. In the past, Caden and Colton's infections were gone, but their was still clear fluid in their ears. It may be that their ear is not able to drain the fluid out and that we will need to bring them to an ENT to see if they need tubes. Our pediatrician said that ear issues can be hereditary and my DH had a TON of ear infections and had many sets of tubes put in his ears as a child. It appears that my little boys may have similar issues.

As you may also recall, when Caden and Colton were born they did not pass the hearing screen test at the hospital. They didn't end up passing it until they were around two months old. We were told that a lot of time that fluid from being in utero gets stuck in there and it takes awhile to come out. I am now wondering if their ear canal slopes down and is unable to drain. A good question for the ENT, don't you think?

Throw in three teething children and life gets a little crazy! That's right, Colton has gotten two teeth in the last six weeks and it working on another; Caden is getting another 2-3 teeth and Logan got a six year molar a couple of weeks ago. Craziness!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can stay healthy for the rest of the winter. And for our spring break trip we have coming up soon. Can.cun, here we come!