Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the Mend

We have been sick for way too long at our house. Every time we get rid of a cough, cold, drippy nose combo, we get another wave of it. I am thinking that Logan is bringing home these little bugs from the petri dish they called "Elementary School". Thankfully, for the past 1+ week we have been fever free. Just little drippy noses for the babies and I, but it is much better than the not-feeling-good-feeling-like-crap-hacking-coughing-green-snot-nose-crabby-kids-(and-mom)-kind-of-cold.

The worst thing about this winter is that Logan has had two ear infections and a spikey, random fever, Caden has had two ear infections and Colton has had three ear infections and pneumonia. In the last six weeks. Of course, it is no fun to be sick, but I am so sick of my boys and I being sick!

Alas, you think my house is not is! I do not like a dirty house, even with three kids trampling all of over it. And I am obsessive about washing my hands, their hands and reminding my husband to wash his hands. Obsessive. To the point of raw, open wounds on my knuckles. Last week I even bundled the little boys up in their snowsuits to take them on a walk when it was super cold outside and I opened the windows of the house to air it out and "freeze out" the germs. I am sure when I told my DH what I had done, he saw dollar signs flying out the window as the furnace kicked into high gear.

Next week we are getting all of the boys ears rechecked to make sure their ear infections are gone. In the past, Caden and Colton's infections were gone, but their was still clear fluid in their ears. It may be that their ear is not able to drain the fluid out and that we will need to bring them to an ENT to see if they need tubes. Our pediatrician said that ear issues can be hereditary and my DH had a TON of ear infections and had many sets of tubes put in his ears as a child. It appears that my little boys may have similar issues.

As you may also recall, when Caden and Colton were born they did not pass the hearing screen test at the hospital. They didn't end up passing it until they were around two months old. We were told that a lot of time that fluid from being in utero gets stuck in there and it takes awhile to come out. I am now wondering if their ear canal slopes down and is unable to drain. A good question for the ENT, don't you think?

Throw in three teething children and life gets a little crazy! That's right, Colton has gotten two teeth in the last six weeks and it working on another; Caden is getting another 2-3 teeth and Logan got a six year molar a couple of weeks ago. Craziness!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can stay healthy for the rest of the winter. And for our spring break trip we have coming up soon. Can.cun, here we come!

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