Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Colton's Musical Notes

Last week we had to make a trip to our local Children's Hospital. It seems that Colton was having difficulty breathing. This, after all of us having a horrible cold and all three boys having ear infections. When the ER doc listened to his lungs she said, "He sounds quite musical in there". He was wheezing and working hard to get air. She sent him down for a chest x-ray (have you ever seen a baby strapped down on an x-ray table??) and he did so well. It only took about three minutes for them to get two pics. And, with his arms strapped down above his head and his legs and the rest of his body strapped down he was the perfect angel. He did not even cry until he was done. The x-ray showed that he had pneumonia.

We were sent home with a nebulizer to do 3-4 times/day, and another antibiotic. He had just finished another antibiotic after having an ear infection. On Friday he went in for a recheck and our family doc gave him another prescription for a steroid and also put him back on his acid reflux medication.

I am sad to report that the rest of our house has been feeling a bit under the weather as well. In the last four weeks, between my three boys, they have had five ear infections, four separate colds, a chronic cough, eight different medications, eight doctors visits and one ER vist and a mommy and daddy who are sad to see their three boys not feeling well. And it all started with a run of the mill cold that Logan brought home from the petri dish called elementary school. When I brought Logan in yesterday for ear pain in his other ear, after previously being dx'd with an ear infection in the opposite ear, and I said to the doctor, "We're back!". He explained that winters are really bad for small children and with having two one year olds it is impossible to keep everyone quarantined and away from each other.

Here's to hoping that we are on the mend and feeling better for our upcoming trip to Mex.ico!

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MyTwoLines said...

Yikes that is a lot of sickness!! I hope everyone feels better soon!