Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Still Here. Are You?

Ok, so I think I finally fixed my "Comment Moderation". I think. :)

Sorry I have not posted in so long. I have been reading others blogs with a baby on my lap and sometimes am able to comment, and sometimes not. But, I assure you, if you are on my blog roll, I have read EVERY SINGLE ONE of your posts. I check them every day, sometimes more than once. Because I am addicted like that. :)

OK, blog friends, here's the deal. What should I do with my blog. I have so much to write about, but have been trying to figure out what is appropriate. This blog started as my journey through IF and now that I have my three angels I am at a loss. I LOVE to write, but feel like I need to take a step forward from this blog. I will never, ever forget our IF journey and every time I looked at my boys I am reminded of everything I went through to get them here. But I feel 95% sure that my family is complete. So, even though we are still infertile, I don't feel like I am currently on an infertility journey. Make sense?

So, I was thinking of starting a new blog to chronicle our new happenings in our house and my thoughts on random things. My purpose in starting a new blog and not continue on with this blog is so that I can share it with more IRL people. I only gave this blog address to a few family and friends. Now that my boys are here, I don't really want to get into discussions with those I have not previously given this blog to about how, what, when, where and why my boys landed on this Earth. I'm not ashamed at all, its just that if I didn't initially tell them about our IF journey I don't want now tell them about it. KWIM?

My question to you: If I move to a new "space", will you join me? I have LOVED getting to know each of you and would love to continue to rad your blogs and share my happenings with you. My nanny will be starting 2 days/week in three weeks so I will have more time to write and be committed to my blog. And when Logan goes to Kindergarten in the fall :( then I will continue to be able to write when the Monkeys are down for their naps.

And, if anyone who knows me enough to have my email address could try to post a comment and let me know if it works or not, I would be most appreciative. To those who have left comments on the past posts, I'm sorry that they were not saved. :(


Kris said...


Sue said...

I will definitely follow you. I tend to be bad with password protected blogs though b/c I always forget to check them when they aren't updated on my blogroll...but if you password protect it, I promise to try to keep up:-)

I've been thinking the same thing about my blog. We are going to go ahead with another cycle this late fall/winter in our hope for siblings but I'm not sure if I will chronicle it yet either. Ugh.

Vaso said...

Hi Kris,
I am not sure if I even commented before, but I surely follow all your entries. I would most def. follow you... Enjoy they little ones, and don't worry about keeping up with us :)... We'll read when you post...

kayjay said...


Please keep writing! I will follow you over to your new space and I am exactly like Sue...tend to be bad with password protected blogs b/c they don't appear on my reader. I totally get why you would want a new space...I obviously felt the same way as I started a new space for my parenting blog! I too have loved following along with your story and getting to know you and I think that sharing our stories and our experiences makes us better parents. Well, at least I feel like I learn a lot from you seasoned pros!

eu blog "O_o" said...

fuck you you are a big shit

lastchanceivf said...

Keep us posted with what you decide!! always good to hear from you :)

Tom and Margit said...

Of course I will join if you move/change it :)

Copper said...

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