Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Routine of It All

Now that Logan is at school all day, every day (the only option in our school district) the babies and I are getting situated into our new routine. Each morning I bundle the Little Monkeys up and put them in their stroller so that we can walk Logan to his bus stop at the end of our driveway. His bus arrives at 8:22am and he doesn't get dropped off until 4:09pm. That is a long day for my kindergartner! He is loving school and looks forward to going each day. Every morning when he hops up in the bus he looks out the window at me and waves and I wave back and blow him kisses until I can't see his smiling little face anymore. Oh, the joys at that age make me smile. He has made a couple of friends so far and has someone that he sits by on the bus. My little boy is adjusting quite well to this big change.

After he gets on the bus the Little Monkeys and I go for walk. It is peaceful in the morning and a good way to start our day with some fresh air and to help this Momma lose that extra 10 pounds from my pregnancy. When we get home, the Little Monkeys head up to their cribs for their first nap from 8:45-10:15. Once they get up, they eat and we either head out on some errands or hang around the house and they help me get some chores done. OK, so they don't really help with the chores, but they are fun to talk to while I work and I take lots of breaks to play with them.

They eat lunch at 12:30 and then go down for their afternoon nap at 1:15-3:30. While they nap I work in my home office and get some misc things done around the house. After their nap they have a little bit of time to wake up, play and then I change their diapers and load them in the stroller or lay a blanket out in the front yard and place them on it so that we can greet Logan when he gets off of the bus. After Logan gets home, I feed the babies and then he gets to play with them while I prep dinner. DH is home at 5:00 and we eat dinner at 5:30. We start baths or showers (yes, all four of my boys shower. DH hops in the shower with two shower heads with Logan and I hand him one baby at a time to wash. Logan loves showering and playing in the water and Caden and Colton love trying to "catch" the water from the shower) at 6:30, feed the babies at 7:00 and then they go to bed. Logan gets some time with mom and dad before DH reads him some books at 8:00 and then he goes to bed.

Our days are pretty routine, and I like it that way. I like the predictability of the "schedule" our house runs on. But I also like to shake things up a bit too. Next week, Caden, Colton and I will be starting an early childhood class one day/week and I have play dates with my mom's of multiples groups and other friends who are home with their kids during the day as well. I also have a ton of work and some fun non-work projects to do this fall.

My biggest project, however, is to cherish each moment with the Little Monkeys and Logan. Before I know it, Caden and Colton will be hopping on that bus alongside their big brother and Logan will be wanting to spend more and more time with his friends. Where does time go?


Jill M. said...

That is great that Logan loves school! I'm curious, at what age did you start the twins on a schedule? I attempted a schedule the other day with Tyler (he's 12 weeks) and it didn't go so well. He did not tolerate making him wait to nurse every 3 hrs, and I usually ended up giving in because he really wanted to eat and I've read you shouldn't hold them off from eating.

The Phelps said...

Oh its so great that you have such a nice routine. I am all about routine, it keeps me sane! That is so sweet that Logan loves kindergarten, Im sure some days you wish you still could keep him home with you, but other days I can only imagine its nice.
Keep up the great work and Routine!

kayjay said...

I'm so impressed by your "routine". It may sound "routine" to you but to me, it sounds like someone who is super organized and meeting the sleeping/eating needs of her children to a T or it wouldn't be working at all. I'm still working on getting my girls and their napping and sleeping sorted out and some days are harder than others. One of my girls is a short napper and the other one likes to sleep so I've accepted this and allowed some leeway with our routine to accommodate but some days it is hard as there is usually always someone up. I've started using a Baby Bjorn carrier so I can still get a few things done when one wakes up waaay before the other one. You are so right though to focus on cherishing every moment and I try to do the same, especially when I have some alone time with one of them while the other one is sleeping.

lastchanceivf said...

I'm super impressed with your routine!