Monday, December 13, 2010

A Rash, MinneSNOWta, and The UnTwins

The last week has brought sickness to our house. It started Wednesday morning when Caden woke up looking like this:

The little guy had thrown up in his crib overnight and never made a fuss! He had a rash from sleeping in his food that he had eaten for dinner the night before. Poor little honey looked so sad and cute at the same time. During breakfast Colton ended up throwing up and then they both began on huge blowout diarhea diapers for a few days. Add in Logan throwing up SIX times (now, that's impressive!) on Thursday night and a mommy not feeling good on Friday and let's just say that I am glad we are all feeling much better. And, rest assured that with many applications of lotion, Caden's rash was gone by the next morning.

Then, the SNOW began. We got 20" of snow between Friday night and Saturday morning! WOW, what a winter wonderland! DH and Logan were able to go on a little snowmobile ride on Saturday morning on the snowmobile trail across from our house, but got buried by the snowplow going by so they decided to turn aroound and come back home. I think they will wait until the groomer goes by and try again.

View from my front window

View out my front door

Colton, Logan and Caden


This last week of sickness and snow ended this morning with an odd conversation with a friend. She was telling me that she has a cousin who has twins from IVF. The grandmother of the twins was telling my friends mom that because they were "different" that they were not twins. As she started to imply that Caden and Colton were not twins I looked at her and said, "what are you talking about?" She explained that this is what her aunt had said. I said, "well did she say that because they are not identical?" She assumed that is why but then said something about them being from two different eggs and something about them having the same genetic material and that they didn't use donor egg or sperm. I explained that there were plenty of twins who were conceived naturally from two different eggs, ie, fraternal twins, and they are still considered twins. was the weirdest conversation I had ever had. After she left I was trying to figure out if her aunt thought that that her grandchildren were not twins because they were fraternal or because they came from an IVF cycle. Either way, they are still twins. If two babies are born from the same mom at the same time then they are TWINS for Heaven's sake!


Jill M. said...

Uh yeah, your boys are definitely twins, weird! Caden looks so adorable rash and all. Sounds like a terrible week, glad to hear you're on the up rise.

lastchanceivf said...

Oh man that is a LOT of snow! I've never seen snow like that--it's still hitting the upper 70s here routinely.
I'm sorry everyone was sick at once--sounds like you handled it with grace!

kayjay said...

If I had a week like you had, I would definitely had much more of a moan about it on blogland - you handled it so well!! I aspire to be so calm and collected about mothering as you are.

As for the grandmother, I don't get it why they want to differentiate. Does it matter? Really? And following her logic. how does she explain fraternal boy/girl twins?? They definitely are not identical (same egg/sperm) but then they're not fraternal either? Huh???