Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cycle Update and Acupuncture Question

I talked to the nurse at my local clinic and told her that my endometrial biopsy came back normal. We talked about my next (and last cycle locally) and she told me that we need to get in and get our communicable (STD) diseases b/w updated before we cycle again. She also told me to start BCP on CD 3. AF should arrive around March 16. In looking at the calendar she told me that my RE will be on vacation the first two weeks in May and that we would not be able to do ER?ET until the week of May 18. Yep, just in time for Memorial weekend. We always go out of town that weekend so I guess we may just be canceling that trip.

I also went today for another electro-acupuncture treatment. I fell asleep as the needles were vibrating wildly in my back. Ahhh, it is so relaxing. I am in quandary about this whole electro-acupuncture thing. My initial consult and treatment last week was $130. Every treatment after that is $80. I am supposed to go 2X/week for four weeks before my cycle. I have decided that I will extend my treatment to at least 2X/week for six weeks, just to make sure I have done everything right. If you go 2X in one week the cost is $120, vs. $160 for two treatments on two different weeks. Quite the spendy little venture, I must say. So, for 2X/week for six weeks, it will cost me $720. I feel like I should be going 1X/week for now and then increase it to 2X/week around April 1. But, yikes! That is a lot of money! If I do it 1X/week for the next four weeks that is an additional $320. I would be spending over $1,000 on acupuncture for this cycle.

I am debating whether or not to skip all acupuncture treatments for the month of March and then start going 2X/week around April 1 OR go 1X/week for the next four weeks and then increase to 2X/week around April 1. What would you do??


Sue said...

Great news on starting the cycle soon! I have no idea what I would do...I would probably do once a week for a while and about a week before stimming start going 2x a week. I've heard that it can take months for it to really start increasing bloodflow, but then others have said it is immediate. Can you research it? I no longer work at the place where they do acupuncture, but I sometimes see the acupuncturist. If I do, I'll ask him for you (he is really honest with me since I've never had to pay him and he is a casual friend).

kayjay said...

Ahhh yes - acupucture is expensive isn't it? My sessions in Canada are $80 each and there is no discount for bundling two in a week. In Denver, I'm being charged $72/session and I have been 2x/week here as well. I do not have restricted blood flow to my uterus but I am a poor responder and my TCM doctor has told me that my issue is blood stagnation so i figured that getting things moving around down there wasn't a bad idea. I guess the one way you can look at it is that yes, $1000 is a lot of money to spend on acupuncture but you are spending $10-$15K on a cycle so is it really that different if that amount becomes $11-$16k? Especially if you have given yourself a better chance at success? Just a thought...