Friday, August 21, 2009

The Cost of It All- Put in Perspective

The other night DH and I were talking about all of the baby things we need to buy for these babies. I looked at him incredulously and with a twinkle in my eye (because this is what I have been not-so-patiently waiting to do for three years and I can't believe I finally get to buy baby stuff!). This was our very short conversation:

Me: OMG, we have like $5,000 worth of stuff to buy! (Of course, I didn't actually tabulate the dollar amount, but rather took a number out of thin air).

DH: Yeah....well, it is a lot less expensive to buy all of this stuff to prepare for them to arrive than it was to conceive them.

Me: Very true! (followed by laughter from both of us)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my DH and how he puts a spin on things and can always put them in a better perspective than I can? :)

Happy Friday to all! I am 17 weeks today and I am so excited to see my bestest friend today. She, her DH and her two kids are coming to stay with us for the weekend, WOOHOO!


Jill M. said...

Happy 17 weeks!!! Enjoy that shopping spree! I can't wait to go spend $5k on baby stuff. Funny how after IF treatments, $5k sounds like nothing, huh?!

DAVs said...

I am so happy with my Dh's attitude about the money aspect--he always just smiles and says: "It's only money."
Now, if we could just find that money tree...

Have a good time shopping up a storm!

Erica said...

He made a very good point. I'm going to remember that one as I start adding up all of the stuff I'm going to need over the next however many year.

Happy 17 weeks!

Deb said...

Hope you had a great weekend! They so need to do a Mastercard commercial about IVF, because the birth of two healthy babies is priceless.