Monday, January 18, 2010

Pictures Galore

Here are all those pics I have been promising! :)

Logan hanging out with me while I am on hospital bedrest

34 weeks gestation in front of the hospital Christmas tree

36w5d gestatoin before Caden and Colton were born

DH and I before my c-section

Happy Birthday, Caden (top) and Colton (bottom)!

excited Big Brother Logan coming to meet Caden and Colton

gentle kisses as Auntie Coley and Grammy look on

cuddling brothers- Caden (L) and Colton (R)

checking each other out

Caden hanging out

Colton hanging out

Daddy doing a double feeding

Colton (L) and Caden (R) hanging out


Jill M. said...

OMG, the 34 week belly shot, how did you stretch that far? =))) You did so good mommy! The boys are beautiful and perfect! I can't wait to see more pics. Thanks for sharing!

DAVs said...

Oh my gosh those babies are really big, and I mean that in a good way and also in awe that you didn't burst apart at the seams! Really really cute!

Jillian said...

Congratulations!!!! They are beautiful baby boys!

kayjay said...

Awwww...brought tears to my eyes to see them so happy and healthy. They're simply beautiful! They look so chubby and small all at the same time if that's possible. Way to go Mama!

Leigh said...

You did great to go all that way!

Also, I have never seen a double feed like that before - your hubby is doing a great job. We did some weird positions but not that one :)