Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Week Appointments

Yesterday Caden and Colton had their two week appt at the pediatricians office. Our regular pediatrician was not in the clinic since he was rounding at the hospital so we saw the pediatric nurse practitioner. I felt okay with this because we had gone in last week for a one week appointment and our regular pediatrician was able to meet them and do their first appointment. He wanted us to come back this week for a weight check. Caden's birth weight was 7# 1oz and I am happy to say that my little chunky monkey little boy is up to 7# 3oz two weeks after his birth! Colton's birth weight was 6# 14oz and I am happy to say that my little hungry chow hound is also up to 7# 3oz.

Their little personalities are really starting to show this week too. Caden is more relaxed and reserved and is ever watchful and listens when his younger brother Colton is crying. He seems to look at me with an expression that says, "Mom, why is he crying again?" His expressions are so funny and remind me so much of Logan. Logan has always made funny faces about things and every picture I have of him, even now as a five year old, he has a different expression or silly face.

Colton seems to be a little more high strung. He isn't a fussy baby, but when he wants something, we sure know all about it. He doesn't seem to have the patience for things like Caden does. When I sit them next to each other he is the one that is putting up a fuss about something and then when he is done speaking his mind he gently places his head on Caden's shoulder as if to get support and lean on his older brother.

Logan is adjusting really well. He gives his brothers gentle kisses on the tops of their heads and this week has been giving them the most gentle hugs too. On Sunday we had a fun day out and on our way home in his soft, tender voice he said, "Mom and Dad, I just love my brothers so much! They are so cute, aren't they?" It melted DH and my hearts! He is so loving and is able to share his love with his brothers in a way that is so fitting and right. How does he know how to do this?

I also had a two week check-up with my OB yesterday. Since we were at the pediatricians office for the babies we brought them along to my OB appt. When we walked in with the babies all of the girls there were so excited. A lot of them came out to the lobby to chat with us and hold them.

My incision is healing well and my OB said that overall I am healing well. She said that for only being two weeks out from my c-section date my body is ahead of schedule in terms of getting back to where it was before I was pregnant. According to their scale I only have 10 pounds to go before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. I would like to lose 15 pounds, but for right now I will settle for getting rid of my post-twin pregnancy bloated belly:) Once the spring comes I will be putting the babies in the stroller and heading out on walks.

Every thing else is going well. Caden and Colton are good sleepers and wake up usually two times/ night to eat. We feed them and put them right back to bed. DH is amazing and pitches in just as much as I do. I love that we are really working together as a team to make sure that all of our boys are taken care of. Logan is a good helper too and we are able to give him little projects to help include him.

I have so many things that I want to post about, so stay tuned!

Also, if you could head over to kayjays site at A Miracle to Come and give her some encouragement I would greatly appreciate it. She is on hospital bed rest with her twins after having a tear in her amniotic sac.


kayjay said...

Okay I'm getting all teary eyed now :) Thanks for sending people my way.

I'm astounded that you can already pick up on little personality traits between the two - I thought those things wouldn't start developing until later. I think Logan has been adjusting so well because you and your DH have done such a great job of preparing him for his role as a big brother and have ensured that you include him in the activities surrounding his new siblings. He has a big heart because the examples he has to look to (you and DH) have big hearts too!

DAVs said...

Wow time is zooming by--two weeks already and you're practically pre-baby weight! I'm super impressed with how well you guys are all doing!