Friday, February 26, 2010

Bullet Points and Some Pics

Things have been a little crazy, busy here, but good so here are some bullet points:

  • My six week post-op appt went good. I started bleeding even more a few days after my appt and had to go back in to get my hemoglobin checked and have an u/s. My OB thinks that I started bleeding heavily because I already got my period since my lining was 11. I had to be put on 10mg of pro.ges.terone to decrease the bleeding. I am feeling much better.
  • The little monkeys have been doing well on the Zan.tac, but we need to keep adjusting their dosage since they are gaining weight like crazy.
  • Caden had his first mild ear infection last week. He woke up with green crusty stuff in his eye and I thought it could have been pink eye, but his eyes weren't bloodshot. I brought him to the pediatrician and they found fluid in his left ear. The infection was seeping out thru his poor little eyes. He didn't have a fever and wasn't fussy at all so I had no other indication that he had an ear infection.
  • Both boys failed their hearing screen at the hospital when they were born. We were referred to an ENT clinic for another screen when they turned six weeks old. We went there last week and they both failed again. They do have hearing in their ears, but to what extent we are not sure. They stir when they hear loud noises so we know they are not deaf. The ENT referred us to their clinic downtown for a more in-depth hearing screen that will take 1-3 hours for each boy. He said that most little ones pass this more conclusive test and reassured us that boy boys can hear, but we need to determine the level at which they can hear. Their appointments for this test are in a couple of weeks.
  • Last weekend I was able to get away to go scrapbooking. DH is a super star and stayed home with the little monkeys so that I could get away, get rejuvenated, get a good nights sleep and recharge my batteries. My dad took Logan over night one night and my BIL took Logan over night the second night so that DH only had to focus on the over night feedings with the little monkeys and sleep in after their early morning feeding and not worry about what time Logan would be getting up for the day. I had a great time with my sis, mom and my scrappin' group and was able to get started on Caden and Colton's albums.
  • My nanny has come to watch the kids two times in the last two months, for just two hours each time. She is AMAZING! She walks in my house and picks up a baby and starts feeding them or cuddling them. When DH and I came home from dinner the other night both babies were resting peacefully and she and Logan were building things with Leg.os. I can't wait until she is here with us two days/week starting in June so that I can devote time to work and also be around my boys during the day.

And here are some pics of my little monkeys.



Caden and Colton

Caden and Colton



Jill M. said...

So good to hear an update from you, I know you must be soooo busy. I hope and pray that all turns out perfect with the boy's hearing. Your little monkeys are just sweet as can be. Keep us posted when you can.

kayjay said...

Caitlyn's hearing test was inconclusive and the tech said that it was likely because the inside of her ear was too moist and needed drying out. Maybe it's something like that for your two guys? Love the pics...we just had newborn photos done too!

lastchanceivf said...

Those are some really adorable pics!

Allison said...