Friday, March 12, 2010

A Vacation and An Appointment

Whew! It has been a busy couple of weeks! On March 2, we took Caden and Colton on their first airplane trip to Orlando. We went with my mom, dad, sister, BIL and nieces. The boys did awesome on the plane and either ate or slept the entire time. Big Brother Logan watched a movie the entire time and DH and I were able to enjoy the in-flight movie which happened to be Blind.side. We rented a six bedroom, four bathroom house five minutes from Dis.ney for all of us. We had a pool in the backyard and also were able to use the neighborhood pool with a water slide and a huge playground. I would highly recommend renting a house when going to Orlando. We have done it three times now and it has worked out really well. It is cheaper than staying in a hotel and just having a private pool in the backyard is awesome. The kids would go swimming before we left for the day and when we returned each night.

We went to Dis.ney Wor.ld, Day.tona Beach, miniature golfing, swimming and to a Pi.rate Dinner Ad.venture. We also had to make a stop at the urgent care clinic to have Logan's ears checked out. On Saturday night he woke up in the middle of the night and came into our room telling us that his ear hurt. He went right back to bed and we decided in the morning to have him checked out. We had also noticed during the week that he was being really naughty and having minor temper tantrums and getting upset about really small things. In the past when this behavior has happened he has always had either an ear infection or strep throat. He doesn't get the normal symptoms like a fever when he is sick, he just gets really naughty. So, sure enough, we brought him in on Sunday morning to the doctor and he had a double ear infection. After one dose of antibiotic he was like a new kid again.

When he did come into our room that night he crawled in bed next to DH for a few minutes. As soon as he snuggled up to DH he said in his incredulous voice, "Wow! Dad you are warmer than lava!". It was so funny! How does he think of this stuff? :)

The Little Monkeys did good overall in Florida. They got tons of fresh air and slept most of the days while we were out and about. They love their cozy car seats! Even though we had tons of fun on our vacation, it was A LOT of work. The thing about Dis.ney is that for every attraction r show you have to park your stroller and take your kids out of it to walk in to the attraction. So, many times a day we were taking them and their back pack out of the stroller, carrying them to the shows, holding them at the shows, then carrying them back to the stroller and repeat, repeat, repeat all day long. Even though my family was helping us a ton, it was still a lot of work. Quite a few people stopped us on the plane or when we were out and about in Florida and told us we were brave to bring our twin eight week olds and a five year old on vacation. My response was, "we are either brave or stupid". It was the joke of the week, but I am so glad we went even though it was a lot of work.

We got back into town on Tuesday this week and Caden and Colton had their two month well-check on Wednesday. Caden was 7#1oz when he was born and is now a whopping 12#3oz. Colton was 6#14oz when he was born and is now a whopping 13#3oz. Colton is now bigger than Caden and is living up to his name colTON:):)

They are both doing well with everything else and have been sleeping a bit more at night. We have been giving them their last feeding at 8:30pm and then they have been waking at around 2:30am to eat, go right back to bed and then getting up again at 7:00am. I am so glad they are only getting up once and we are finally getting more sleep! Sleep-deprivation is not fun!

I have been reading all of your blogs, but haven't had time to comment. I am hoping that now that we are back from Florida I will have more time to be more involved again. I have quite a few blog posts that I want to write about, but need to find time to do it.


Jill M. said...

Welcome back! Ah, a vacation sounds so nice! Wowser, your little monkeys are chunking up. So when do we get to see them next?

Sue said...

Welcome back! I am so glad you posted about your trip. We are doing a weekend trip in a few weeks (just a 4 hour drive) and then will be planning another trip to CCRM in the late fall if all goes well and I am terrified of taking a 8 month old!!! I know this totally shows my rookie parenting but a baby on a plane is a very daunting thing- so 2 8 week olds and a little boy is impressive!

I'm glad you had a great time. I love the idea of a vacation (though it sounds like you could use a vaca from the vaca!!!).

daniel said...

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