Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hooray for Hearing! And Some Conversations With Logan

Yesterday Caden and Colton had an appt for their big hearing screen. They failed the newborn hearing screen at the hospital when they were born and they also failed the same test when they were six weeks old. We had to make an appt for a more specialized hearing test to find out what, if any, hearing loss they were experiencing.

We were supposed to do Colton's test yesterday and Caden's test tomorrow since the clinic only had one ABR test machine. DH and I decided to take them both to the appt yesterday because in order for them to perform the test they have to be sleeping. We figured that if Colton was not sleeping, that they could do Caden's test if he was sleeping. Each test was estimated to take 1-3 hours.

When we arrived at the clinic both boys were wide awake and hungry. We fed them right before they called us back to the room. After they were done eating, Caden fell asleep in my arms while Colton fussed and cried. I asked DH to take him on a walk in the hallway in the stroller to try to calm him down and get him to sleep. While he was gone the audiologist hooked up the same test that they had done at the hospital to Caden. He wanted to try the easier test first so that if they passed it would save time and we wouldn't have to sit for the longer test. Caden passed with a "robust response"! When DH walked back into the room five minutes later, I told him that Caden was already done. He was in shock.

Since we had plenty of time to spare for the allotted appt time and Colton was now sleeping, the audiologist performed the same test on him and he also passed right away with a "robust response". Hooray! Both my boys have full hearing in both ears!

I asked the audiologist why they may have failed the two prior same tests and he explained that they could have fluid in their ears from delivery when they were tested at the hospital and at their six week appt or that possibly the machine was not hooked up to them properly and they did not receive an accurate read on the previous tests. Either way I am so relieved that they both can hear. The best part is that both boys were tested and passed in under an hour, rather than the 1-3 hours that we could have spent there for Colton yesterday and Caden tomorrow.

I have also been having some really funny conversations with Logan lately. It is so fun to see how his little brain is thinking as he grows. For instance, we were driving home from preschool yesterday and this was our conversation:

Logan: Which brother is sitting next to me? Is it Caden?
Me: Does he have an angel kiss on his forehead?
Logan: Yep! So it must be Caden because he has one on his forehead, Colton has one on the back of his head and I have one on my belly.
Me: That's right!
Logan: How did we all get different shaped angel kisses?
Me: That's the way that God made them.
Logan: Well, God must have different shaped lips and then he must choose the shape lips he wants to use when he wants to use them.

Logical to a five year old, right?

The other day I was doing dishes and he was sitting at the kitchen table eating a snack and out of nowhere he looks at me and says, "you are the best mommy in the whole world! I love you SO much!". Awww, talk about melting my heart!:)

We have also had a very lengthy conversation on ABC gum. You know, the kind that has "Already Been Chewed". I was being so silly with him and asking him if he wanted ABC gum, but he couldn't quite get the concept that he wanted "ABC gum, but I don't want it Already Been Chewed". I kept asking him, "do you just want regular minty gum?" And he kept saying, "no, I want ABC gum, but I don't want Already Been Chewed gum." It was a conversation that kept going around in a circle where I was trying to explain to him that I was just being silly with him and that no, I was not going to give him my ABC gum. Too funny!

The other big news at our house is that for the last three nights Caden has slept nine hours straight at night and Colton has slept 10 straight hours at night! Can I get a "woot woot"? :) We are hoping that eventually they stretch this to 11 straight hours, but we are love, love, loivn' getting more sleep from our almost 11 week olds!


lastchanceivf said...

Yay for sleeping and passing and cute conversations with kiddos--but mostly yay for being told your the best mommy in the world!

Jill M. said...

I'll give you a "woot woot" for the boys sleeping that long!!! Thank God that they both passed their hearing tests, I know you must be soooo relieved! At least there was a good explanation of why they failed previously. Cute conversations with Logan!

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