Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Perfect Nanny

Recently DH and I have interviewed a couple of nannies. We are only looking for someone 2-3 days/week in the summer and also on evenings and weekends during the school year. DH and I both work more in the summer months so we need to have someone when we are the most busy so that I can work from our home office and DH can work out in the field. Plus, we would love to have someone be available on evenings and weekends so that we can go out once in a while.

We have interviewed two nannies so far, and realized that we don't need to look any further! Both nannies we interviewed are school teachers so it works perfect for them to just work part-time in the summer months. They were both really good and we would trust both of them with our children. However, one definitely stood out.

One of Logan's teachers at school heard that we were looking for a part-time nanny and expressed interest in helping us out. Logan loves her and she is so good with the kids. She also watches some of Logan's classmates and their siblings during the evenings and weekends throughout the school year. She came over last week for an interview and we fell in love.

She has so much energy and loves kids so much. She told DH and I that she gets asked how she can be a preschool teacher and then go watch kids in the evenings without being sick of kids and her response is, "because I love kids and I don't get sick of it at all, just because". She is really friendly, out-going, enthusiastic and caring. We gave her a tour of our house and had a few questions for her and she had some questions for us. I loved that she sat down on our couch and curled her feet under her legs and appeared to be so comfortable in our house. She loves to be outside and wants to be outside with the kids a lot. She asked if our street was busy and if she could take Logan for bike rides (when I am working in my home office and the babies are napping). Plus, she has so many fun ideas and things for Logan to do since she works with his age group at school.

Oh, and did I mention, that Logan LOVES her? I can't even describe to you how excited he was when she came into our house. In fact, before she came over he asked me where DH and I were going when Miss M came over. I told him, "no where. We are going to stay here and talk with her for awhile". He looked at me with a hugely disappointed face and said, "Well, I want you to go somewhere because I want to play with her by myself". And when he went to preschool the next day he went running into her classroom to thank her for coming over.

To top it off....Yesterday Logan had grandparents day at school. Both my dad and my MIL went to school with him for the day. I saw my dad last night and he said that he met our nanny. She came up to them and started talking and explained that she is going to be our nanny. I love that she made herself known to my family. My dad said that he thought she will be a great fit for our family.

Now, if everything goes well next summer I will have to convince her to come every summer!

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Allison said...

Thats great!!! Im so glad you feel so good about her!! :)