Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pictures and Baby Purchases

In the last couple of weeks I have been buying, buying, buying things for the babies. I have been trying to hit sales and use coupons, but let's face it: baby stuff is spendy! We had to buy another crib and mattress, blankets/covers for their car seats, monkey accessories for their room, bottles, diaper bags, receiving blankets, regular blankets, onesies, nuks, clothes...and, well, the list could go on. But don't worry, I'm not complaining. I am actually enjoying every single penny I dish out to buy all of this baby stuff. I mean, I have been waiting for this for three years. Even though I already have Logan, I got rid of a lot of stuff one cold winter day last winter after IVF #4 failed. Really, I couldn't stand sitting and looking at all of this stuff in the closet any longer.

Today I was out buying clothes for the babies and I kept thinking about how DH said that it will cost less to prepare to have these babies than it did to conceive them. I love this helps me not feel so guilty for spending so much money:) After I went to the Car.ter's store, where everything was 50% off, today to buy some clothes I called DH. This was our conversation:

Me: Just so you know I spent $164 today on clothes for the babies.
DH: Cool! Did you get some good stuff?

You see, that's what I love about my DH. Never has he questioned me in what I have bought. I think that even though I am the one doing most of the shopping he is enjoying making these purchases just as much as I am. Heck, it beats the alternative of the last three years of endless tears and sorrow, right?

On to the pictures. I am a bit behind so I have 25 week and 27 week belly pictures and some fun pictures of Logan.

25 week belly pic (taken in my backyard)

27 week belly pic (taken at my sisters house)

27 week bare belly pic (taken at my sisters house)

Logan and my two nieces on Halloween (taken at my sisters house)

Logan carving pumpkins (taken at our house)

Logan and daddy at the pumpkin patch

Logan and I at the pumpkin patch

Logan with scary teeth (taken at our house)



Jill M. said...

Wow, the shopping sounds like so much fun. That belly of yours has really grown and is oh so cute! The one of your bare belly, what a perfectly round belly. Logan is a handsome little young man. Thanks for sharing!

kayjay said...

Those pics are great! You are looking fabulous as ever and you're carrying very well - very high whereas I'm carrying lower down. Halloween is so much fun when looked at through the eyes of a child and the costumes were great! I have to start shopping now...