Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today I had my 28 week OB appt. Everything is still going really well with the babies and with me too. Here are the stats:

Blood Pressure: 104/56
Cervical Length: Long
Babies: Kicking each other while we were listening to their heartbeats on doppler
Urine: negative for proteins
Weight Gain: 37 pounds (although I had quite a bit of swelling in my legs today)
Fundal Height: 34cm

Not too much to report since I will now be going in every two weeks for an u/s, non-stress test (NST) and OB appts. I will get a lot more information when I go in for my u/s and NST. I have made my next three appts. Each appt I will end up being at my clinic for 3-4 hours to complete all three of these appts.

My OB told me that she usually takes people off of work around this time. I explained that I work from home and am self-employed, which she was fine with. She wants me to tell her if I get too fatigued so that she can take me off of work. DH usually lays his guys off when the ground freezes, but this year they might stop working sooner so that he can be home more to help me with Logan.

Today we also talked about restrictions. They are:
no lifting >15lbs
not to be on my feet for more than two hours at a time
no driving >1 hour at a time

Nothing too restrictive. I have been feeling really tired lately so she also encouraged me to rest or take naps more often. I have been trying to, but my little Logan keeps me on my toes.

As we were ending the appt she told me that she was going to have her scheduler call me in the next couple of days to schedule my c-section. WOOOHOOOO! I am so excited to get a date in mind so that I can start planning where Logan will be spending his time while we are in the hospital for four days. I also realize that the babies could come before my c-section so I need to have a Plan B too. Also, I can not wait to meet these little angel boys!!:)

My next u/s, NST and OB appt are scheduled for November 25.


Jill M. said...

Always good to hear a great report from you!!! So happy things are going well and OMG, they will be here soon!

Allison said...

Sounds like your appointment went so great! AHHHH I cant wait to hear the date! Then we can all start counting down with you! :)

Sue said...

Great news! Those restrictions aren't so bad. So exciting to get a date soon!

kayjay said...

I agree with Sue - when you said "restrictions" I was envisioning bed rest or something along those lines! You sound so ready for your two new little ones and I am glad that things are going so well.

Chris and Samantha said...

Great news! I am happy for you. I hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly!! Can't wait to hear when they will be here.