Thursday, November 26, 2009

31 Week OB Appt, U/S and NST

[side note: I have a Thanksgiving post that I have been thinking about, but need to sort out some thoughts before I write them in this blog. I will do that in the next couple of days.]

Yesterday I had my 31 week OB appt. Eveything is going so well with these babies that I just hope and pray that they continue to go well. I started with my u/s and both babies are looking great. Here are some stats:

Baby A heartbeat: 133
Baby B heartbeat: 155
Amniotic Fluid: very good
Baby A: head down
Baby B: breech and facing towards my back
Baby A: measuring 31w3d
Baby B: measuring 31w4d
Baby A: 3lb9oz
Baby B: 3lb13oz
Edema: 2++, she wrote me a prescription for stockings to make me more comfortable
Blood Pressure: 110/50
Fundal Height: 37cm
Weight Gain: 39lbs

After our u/s we had our NST. Both babies were showing off and kicking a ton so they both passed with flying colors:)

We were then put in a room to meet with our OB. She came in and was very pleased with how things are progressing so far. She told us that her goal for us was to make it to at least 30 weeks and that we should feel very good that we were almost 31 weeks with a smooth twin pregnancy and that we should celebrate this milestone. She then said that her next goal for us is to get into December. I laughed and said, "my goal is to get into January!". I want to have two babies that don't need to spend much, if any, time in the NICU.

I expressed my concern that Baby A has only gained 1lb since our last u/s four weeks ago. She was not concerned since both babies are measuring ahead still, but that she will keep an eye on it as we have more u/s. She explained that there is a variation in the measurements based on who is doing the u/s and how much experience they have. Plus, each u/s can be off by up to 1/2lb. When we had previously mentioned our concern about the weight of both babies at this u/s compared to the last u/s the u/s tech said, "well, we saw Baby As face and we know he is chubby so I am thinking that he is actually closer to 4lbs right now". We could not see much of Baby B since he is breech and facing towards my back. Either way, DH and I are pleased with how big our boys are so far! The u/s tech also told us that between the weight of both babies, two umbilical cords, two placentas and two amniotic sacs I am carrying the equivalent of a 10lb baby right now. Yikes!

We talked about my c-section which is scheduled for January 12, 2010 at 37w4d. She told us that we only have a 25% chance of actually making it to this date. Now we need to work out the details of wehre Logan will go while we are in the hospital and a back-up plan in case we go earlier.

DH requested a temporary Handicap Parking sticker for me too:) I told him that when I drop off and pick up Logan from preschool that I have been parking in the handicap spots. He is concerned that I will be ticketed and have to pay a $200 fine. Plus, he doesn't want me to walk more than I have to at this point since I get tired so easily, my feet hurt if I am up and about a lot during the day and the edema in my feet and legs get worse the more I am on my feet.

Have I mentioned recently how excited I am to meet these boys?:) I can't wait until January!


Allison said...

Great News!! You are doing great!! Not too much longer until Christmas and then THE BABIES' BIRTHDAY (if they wait that long)!!! Ill keep my fingers crossed they stay put until your C-section! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill M. said...

Great job mama!!! You're doing fantastic!