Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day of Appointments

Today was a busy day! I arrived at the hospital at 7:15 for my Glucose Tolerance Test. As I was walking in I got tears in my eyes remembering when I went to the same hospital to deliver Logan. It was such a joyful time for DH and I and I hope that our twins are born healthy as well. I sat in the lab of the hospital for over three hours while I did the test and the staff was so wonderful! They gave me blankets to keep warm, water to stay hydrated and they were so friendly. Another gal was there doing her test too and the time flew by so quickly because we ended up talking for the whole 3+ hours.

Here are the blood sugar results:

Fasting: 78 (normal range: <95)
One Hour: 145 (normal range: <180)
Two Hours: 127 (normal range: <155)
Three Hours: 121 (normal range: <140)

In other words: I passed! :)

While I sitting in the lab all morning I received a phone call from my OB clinic that the u/s tech who was scheduled to do my u/s today called in sick so they had to cancel my u/s. She told me that since I was already at the hospital that they would fax my orders to the hospital so that I could have my u/s done there after my glucose test.

When I went down to radiology to have my u/s I was lead to the same spot where I sat when I had my u/s with Logan. Again, I got tears in eyes just remembering being pregnant with my little angel baby that is now a big boy.

Here are the stats from the u/s:

Baby A
Weighs: 2lb9oz, which puts him in the 77% (percentile)
Measuring: 28w0d

Baby B
Weighs: 2lb11oz, which puts him in the 80% (percentile)
Measuring: 28w3d

Cervical Length: 4.4 (normal: >3)
Biophysical Exam: everything looks good, they were "practice breathing" well and they have enough fluid around them.

Oh man! I am going to have a couple of big boys again! Logan was 9lb4oz and I think these babies are going to be big too. I can't believe that my twins are so high in the percentiles:) As we were leaving my DH said, "thank God for c-sections, right?" We were laughing all of the way out of the hospital about how big they are already. I am 26w5d today so they are both measuring 1.5-2 weeks bigger right now! I have no idea why I grow such big babies. I am only 5'2" and weighed about 143 pounds when they were conceived and I eat mostly from the four food groups so it's not like I am sitting around eating junk food all of the time. But, trust me, I'm not complaining. I am just so glad that they are growing well and thriving in my belly:)

My next appt is with my OB is scheduled for Wednesday, November 11. I will follow-up with my OB in the next couple of days on the glucose test and today's u/s and find out when she wants me to schedule my next u/s.


Sue said...

Yay!!! I knew you'd do good on the 3 hour test! That is a relief...not that it isn't possible to do fine with GD, but its just one more thing to worry about. The babies sound great and it actually sounds like you had a pretty great day:-)

Jill M. said...

Yeah for passing the GD test!!!! Wow, those are some big babies for a little 5'2 gal! I think we're due for some new belly bump pics!