Monday, October 19, 2009


I woke up startled at 2:45 this morning. As I was making my way to the restroom, which I usually do several times each night, I started to remember the dream I was just having. I was in labor and DH was hunting 7 hours away. I called him and told him to hurry home. I ended up having my 7 year old son, Logan, drive me to the hospital. When I got to the hospital there was a queen size bed that they had me lie down on and put my feet up in imaginary stirrups. As soon as I did this, both babies were delivered vaginally within the same minute.

As I started to connect the dots of various events that have happened lately I began to calm down, but was still shaken.

For instance, DH was possibly supposed to go hunting in Da.kota this weekend, 7 hours away. He was invited, but he never committed to it because we didn't know how I would be feeling at the time he was invited. We decided that it wasn't the best idea for him to go because of how tired I have been lately.

Then, just yesterday DH told Logan that he could drive the golf cart out to the woods behind our house (they are making a path out there to do "guy things" like ride the golf cart and sometime down the road DH wants to get a child snowmobile and four wheeler/ATV, which I am not too fond of....another post for another day:)). Logan told DH, "I can't drive it because I don't have a license". DH was explaining that he would sit next to him and help him and it was okay because they were not driving on the road.

And just last night DH and I were talking about the babies and our delivery. We were reminiscing on how long it took to deliver Logan (36 hours and then ended up having an emergency c-section). We were talking about how quick it takes to have a c-section.

Even though I know my dream was filling in the pieces of these recent conversations and events, I kept thinking about them. And then I started thinking about all things baby and Logan related. How will I feed two babies at the same time? How will I make sure that Logan gets enough attention? How will I get all three kids out of the house to bring Logan to preschool three days/week? And the list goes on...

Needless to say, I wasn't able to fall back asleep for an hour and didn't sleep well for the rest of the night. No matter how excited DH and I for these babies to arrive, we are also thinking about things unknown and how we will handle certain situations once they arrive. I am so thankful that DH always has something reassuring to say to me like, "we will just have to adjust. We adjusted with one baby before, now we will adjust with two babies". Even though this makes complete logical sense to me, I just want everything to be as good as can be when they are born. I have waited much too long for these babies and I want to savor every moment with them and watching Logan interact with his new brothers. Also, did I mention?...I am huge worrier too! :)

Is it January yet??


Allison said...

aw! January will come much faster than you expect :) Dreams are so weird, especially when they link to recent conversations or happening! Lets hope that your dream is telling you that you will have a fast safe delivery when the time comes!:) Dont worry about handling all three! You are a great mom and DH is right, you'll just adjust over time. As a nanny, Ive been in some really interesting family situations over the years, and one thing is always true, when another baby comes along, the parents (and me!) find that everything somehow just falls into place and creates its own routine. :)

DAVs said...

I had a nutty, zany dream last night too. They can be disconcerting, but I think your DH is right--after all, all any of us can do is go one day at a time. You'll be fine, I have utmost confidence in you :)

Anonymous said...

Kris- I had crazy dreams while I was pg too! 2 tips for maximizing time w/ Logan: First, get the babies on the same schedule (when one wakes, wake the other, etc). Second, feed the babies at the same time (use the pillow I told you about, boppies, bouncies, or whatever works for you) but feeding them together will be a complete time saver!

kayjay said...

I've been having nutty crazy dreams although I don't seem to be able to make any sense out of them. The fact that you're already worrying about these things means that you're cognizant of these potential issues and have already thought about how you're going to deal with it all. A lot of it we'll just have to figure out as we go along but you have the experience of caring for another child so you can leverage off of that.

Jill M. said...

Hi Kris,

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