Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Brother

Logan has been thinking about his two new little brothers a lot lately. It seems like every couple of days he mentions something about them. Last week he was able to feel them kicking me on four different days. When he felt them kick he started laughing hysterically as if it was the funniest thing that he ever felt. He also is routinely coming up to me to hug my big belly. And he insists my belly button is a microphone that leads directly to the babies so he constantly talking into it. Last week he yelled into the "microphone", "hey brothers I can't wait to meet you!". It makes me laugh so hard and brings the most awesome joy to my heart.

What I love the most about Logan and his brothers is his thoughtfulness and that he is constantly thinking of them. Today he told me that his brothers will have to hear his Turkey Lurkey making sounds (we made Turkey Lurkey at Build-A-Bear at the Mall of America a couple of weeks ago and has been Logan's best friend ever since). He has also been talking about how he is going to share his toys with his brothers.

Yesterday I was asking him questions about how to handle his brothers when they come. I was asking him questions like, "will you pick up your brothers and fling them around? or will you hold them gently and give them lots of kisses?". It amazes me that he already knows that his brothers will be fragile and that he will need to be really gentle with them.

As much as I try to not talk too much about the babies for fear that Logan will be jealous of these little miracles that he can't yet see, it seems like Logan always bring them up. It's as if he knows that they are already a part of our family already. DH and I are trying to soak up our last couple of months with Logan and our family of three, but our sweet, little four year old constantly reminds us that we have two brothers on the way.

Now, I am hoping that he adjusts well to them being here once they are born otherwise we may have some issues to sort out:)


Jill M. said...

OMG, soooooo sweet!!! You must be melting!

kayjay said...

Logan sounds like he is going to make the best big brother ever. The fact that he is already thinking about his two new little brothers and not about himself shows what wonderful upbringing he has had :)

DAVs said...

Awww, he's going to be such a great big brother!