Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Level II Ultrasound and Names

Today we had our level II u/s and our 20 week appt with our OB. When we got to our clinic I was really nervous (as I am for every appt and u/s), but was excited to see our little angels since our last u/s was six weeks ago. In the last couple of weeks I have begun to feel both babies moving more so I knew that they were still "alive and kickin'", but it is such a nice reassurance to actually see them.

When she started the u/s I asked the technician to make sure they had heartbeats first. She replied, "I have already seen them kicking and moving, but let me get a good a look at their hearts." I so love when they are so agreeable to my silly requests:) She proceeded to measure them both and we had so much fun watching them moving all around and kicking. At one point, one of them was kicking the other one in the head with both feet. DH and I were giggling because the baby that was getting kicked kept putting up his little hand to block the kicks.

Here are some stats from our appt today:

Baby A and Baby B: weighed in at 12oz each
Baby A and Baby B: all measurements were the same and everything looked good on the u/s
Baby A and Baby B: both measured at 19w5d (I am 19w4d today)
Baby A h/b: 145
Baby B h/b: 153
Weight Gain: 22 pounds
Blood Pressure: 108/60
Fundal Height: 26cm
Cervical Length: 4.9
Fluid Retention: slight edema

The only measurement they were not able to get was Baby B spine since he was laying down. I will have another OB appt and u/s in three weeks where they will check to see if they can get a good picture of it then.

And, yes, we did find out the sexes. I have never felt confident in the determination of a baby's sex at the 20 week u/s since I know quite a few people who have been told one sex and their child was born and it was the opposite sex. Since it is a secret anyways, I will just say that we are having two little monkeys. We are decorating their room in a monkey theme, thus the two little "monkeys".

After our u/s we met with our OB. She told me that the only restrictions I have is no lifting >25#. She said that everything looks great and that I am "doing a good job". I told her that I was concerned that I would have two big babies again since the u/s tech told me that the babies are weighing what a singleton would at 20 weeks. She told me that they probably wouldn't be as big as L was when he was born at a strapping 9lbs4ozs.

She also told me that she wants to see me every three weeks at this point and told me to make the next three appts before I left today. My next appt is on Wednesday, September 30.

We have two girl names picked out, but no boy names. Boy names are so hard! Here are the girl names:

Madelyn Grace (Madelyn was my grandma's name and Grace was DHs grandma's name)
Amelia Hope (My grandpa's name and my dad's middle name were Mel for aMELia and Hope because we never gave up)

L's real name is Logan Michael

DH and I have been talking about boy names for a few weeks and none are really jumping out at us. We have a couple of boys names that we somewhat like, but we don't love. And don't go reading into anything either and thinking we have two boys. For myself I just need to have two names for each gender. Does anyone have suggestions for boy names??


Anonymous said...

I posted on your FB too...but so glad to hear that everything is going well! The girl names are beautiful. Funny that you are having trouble with the boy names...we had trouble w/ the girl names and we ended up with two girls! Our boy names were: Connor Scott and Finn Michael (yes, a very Irish family...)
Oh, and I like the monkey theme! We call the girls our monkeys all the time and their Halloween costumes are monkeys:)
Jen (Cincy)

Tom and Margit said...

I love both of those girl names!!

And I love monkeys so I think a monkey themed nursery is adorable!!

I was thinking of dressing Isabella up as a monkey this year :)

Sue said...

The girl names are so beautiful. That is so funny how the babies were interacting in the womb - have you ever seen those shows on TLC "In the Womb"? there was one on multiples and it is amazing how much they interact! It was incredible to watch. I'm so happy that things are going well.

Jen Coffman said...

Congrats - I'm so happy to read all is well. Love the photos, you look awesome and so happy.

As for names, how about Max. LOL. Really, though, we had a hard time with boy names too. I love Samuel, Carter, Miles, Noah and Leo. Oh, and Oliver. Some of those were top choices for us.

I adore your girl choices. I have a niece named Madelyn Grace. So pretty!

Feris said...

I love Liam , Noah , Aaden.