Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OB Appt and U/S- All Good News!

[Edited: accidentally typed 180/60 ofr my blood pressure today. It was actually 108/60]

Today we had another OB appt and an u/s. When we went into the u/s room I asked the tech if she could find the heartbeats again right away. She asked me if I was worried about it and I responded, "I'm always worried about it". She found the heartbeats and both boys were active as usual. I am not sure that they even sleep that much since they are both busy little monkeys all of the time. Here are the stats from today's appt:

Baby A: weighs 1lb3oz, which puts him in the 52%
Baby B: weighs 1lb4oz, which puts him in the 68%
Baby A h/b: 142
Baby B h/b: 144
Blood Pressure: 108/60 (exact same as last time)
Cervical Length: 4.77
Fundal Height: 30cm
Weight Gain: 30 pounds (WOW!)
Genders: Confirmed without a doubt:)

When my OB and I talked about my weight gain I told her that I was surprised that I had gained so much from my last appt since my appetite has decreased and I am eating mostly from the food groups with maybe a cookie or some ice cream thrown in every once in a while. When I got home and was looking at my legs I it dawned on me that I have more fluid retention than I did three weeks ago at my last appt.

In one of the pictures we saw on the u/s screen Baby B was sitting peacefully and Baby A was hitting him in the head with his elbow. It is so painful to watch, but it makes me giggle to know that they are typical little boys already (not that we condone hitting in our house at all). Another u/s pic we have has Baby B lying on top of Baby A head. It sounds really weird, but it is really cute like they are snuggled together in a really odd position.

My next OB appt is October 21 and I will also have the glucose test done that day as well. Our next u/s to check for growth and cervical length will be on October 28. Once I get to 30-32 weeks I will be going in every week and we will schedule my c-section around that time as well.

At the end of our appt I asked my OB what my chances of going into pre-term labor are at this point. She said that everything looks good and mentioned again that I had a 9lb4oz baby before so that works in my favor. She told me that "everything is going perfectly" and that I should "feel confident in how well this pregnancy is going". I asked her to promise me that she wouldn't let me have two 9lb babies and she assured me that I wouldn't and that she didn't think I would stretch that far.

As a side note- cute kid story: Tonight I was hugging Logan and telling him how much I love him and how he has been such a good boy lately by being a good listener. I was on my knees and had my arms wrapped around his little body. All of the sudden he dropped to his knees and started kissing my belly. I asked, "what are you doing?". He replied, "just kissing the babies so that they don't cry and when they come out of your belly I will kiss them some more so that they don't cry, but you have to change their poopy diapers." Did I ever mention how much it makes me laugh to hear children put things in their own words? :)


Tom and Margit said...

Yah! Glad the monkeys are growing so well :)
And you scared me, you put 180 instead of 108...phew, had to look at your old post to make sre you meant 108 ;)

Jill M. said...

Awesome report!!! Keep them coming!

kayjay said...

Aw - Logan sounds like such a cutie! Everything sounds like it's going really well and I hope it continues that way! Hopefully the water retention goes away too.

DAVs said...

I read this post initially at work but the computer wouldn't let me comment. i'm so glad you edited your blood pressure--I was thinking: how could her OB have said everything was OK with a BP that high! Glad everything is moving right along and going so well!