Monday, September 28, 2009

Shopping Fun and Genders: Revealed

Since we found out the genders of our babies three weeks ago we have had so much fun telling others that we are having "two little monkeys". My family especially has been asking certain questions like: "what color clothes should we be buying?" or "do you need pink or blue scrapbook supplies?" to which DH and kindly reply, "one never knows until they arrive" or "maybe or maybe not". We have all been having a little bit of fun with keeping their genders a secret.

Saturday DH and I went shopping in the afternoon for some baby gear. We spent the day researching the big items like cribs, double strollers, monitors, bouncy seats, swings and bedding. We have one of some of these items, but other items that we had from Logan either broke or we got rid of because we didn't like. We ended up buying a new bouncy seat and a double stroller, which we got an awesome deal on!

We decided that when the babies are infants we don't want to get a side-by-side stroller because that would require us taking them out of their infant seats and place them directly in the stroller. So we decided to look for a front-to-back stroller for now and then we will most likely purchase the side-by-side stroller in the future. When we were looking at strollers at Ba.bies.R.U.s we saw that the Duo.glider was on clearance. We were told that it is being discontinued because they are changing the color on it and maybe making modifications to it. The stroller was normally $229.99 clearanced down to $149.99. With the 10% discount that Ba.bies.R.U.s gives for multiples and a coupon I had, the stroller ended up being $137. DH and I agreed that it is not the most awesome stroller ever, but it is practical and will do just fine for when the babies are infants and when I need a front-to-back stroller when I am out shopping or in a crowd as they get older. DH made the comment that because we got such a great deal on this stroller, we won't feel bad spending more money on a better stroller in the future. I agree!

The store did not have the Snug.ride infant car seats that I wanted so I came home and found them online at for $82! The same car seats in the store were $99.99, except of course they don't have the style I wanted. I am saving on shipping by having them shipped to a Wal.mart location near my house.

We also purchased some baby blankets and figured out what we are going to purchase for some of the other big items. After realizing that you can only make returns within 90 days, we decided to wait until we are within 90 days of our due date so that if there is a problem with anything we buy that we will be able to return it.

After we got home from shopping I received a phone call from my mom wondering how our shopping trip went. I told her where we went and what we bought. She then asked, "So, your dad and I need to know what color stuff we should start buying the babies for Christmas" and my dad chimed in the background, "No, what colors should we buy for Halloween? or better yet, do I need to buy boy or girl camo gear for the hunting season?" I started laughing and said, "let me ask DH". DH was standing right there and he gave the go ahead to tell them the genders. After shopping all afternoon and being reminded how much all this baby gear will cost we figured that as much help as they are willing to give us in buying clothes or other items, we will take! I asked my mom, "Are you sure you want to know??" She exclaimed, "Yes!" She put my dad on speaker phone and as I was laughing I told her, "I will tell you, but you aren't going to believe me anyways" (she was convinced that we are having one boy and one girl), "well, we are having two little monkeys ..........(long pause)..........which are usually associated with little boys". My mom responded, "And??". I was laughing SO hard by this time because I knew she wouldn't believe me so I said, "And nothing, we are have two little boys". After going back and forth with me laughing and her questioning me I think she finally believed me that we are having two little baby BOYS! :)

We have also been telling Logan for the last three weeks that he is going to have two brothers. He also is convinced that we are going to have "one brother and one sister". We have told him at least 50 times that he is going to have two brothers, but if you ask him today what we are having he will tell you, "one brother and one sister". I told him this morning on the way to school that he may be disappointed when they come and they are two boys.

DH is already planning on clearing out some of our woods and making a dirt track for them to ride four-wheelers, snowmobiles, go-karts and dirt bikes. I am pulling the reins back and telling him that I am not too sure I want my boys to have these powerful machines. As they grow and mature, we'll see what happens. I can forsee lots of broken bones in my future, which I am not at all prepared for!

I have always wanted a whole gaggle of boys. I love my nieces, but I love my little boy. I love how he likes to help daddy with projects and how he likes to help me make dinner and bake. I love his adventurous spirit and how he can be a tough little guy. There is just something about little boys that bring a smile to my face. I like to shop, but by myself and I briefly thought about planning their wedding and decided that even though I won't be as involved as my future daughter-in-laws family, it will be okay. Somehow I will find a non-intrusive way to be involved. And, I will always be there for my boys, no matter what.


Sue said...

wow! 2 boys! that's great! I always thought I'd have a houseful of boys, lol, but my family genetics seem to be very much favoring girls (my mom has 2 granddaughters and is expecting one more from me and one surprise from my SIL). Enjoy shopping!!!

Jill M. said...

I knew it!!! I figured with the nickname of monkeys, it had to be boys. Congrats!!!!

Tom and Margit said...

so happy for you, dh and L!!!
And seriously, what AWESOME deals :)

Hua said...

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DAVs said...

That is gonna be one testosterony house you'll have there! Super congrats!!

Allison said...

YAYYY FOR TWO LITTLE BOYS!!! I was starting to get a little antsy waiting to hear their genders! :) congratulations!