Thursday, February 19, 2009

Endometrial Biopsy- Check!

I called CalPath Lab in CA today and, thankfully, they received my endometrial biopsy today! Whew! I was getting nervous that they were not going to receive it as it was shipped from Boston by Priority Overnight on Tuesday and they had not received it yesterday. I should receive my results by the end of next week.

I talked to the acupuncturist yesterday in Denver that CCRM had recommended. She gave me some very helpful tips on other things I can do to increase the blood flow to my uterus. She also explained that the study that the electro-acupuncture recommendation is based off of is on Randine Lewis's website. I have been reading more of Randine's book this week so it was funny to hear her name in conversation. I have also made contact with an infertility acupuncturist who performs electro-acupuncture in my area. We have been playing email tag and I hope to talk to her tomorrow.


Sue said...

Great news! it sounds like a relief...and like you will be on your way soon. I'd definitely do the electro-acupuncture. I did it before I found out I have almost the opposite problem- lots of uterine bloodflow...but I worked with an acupuncturist and he really wanted to help me so we tried it for 2 cycles (of course the old RE didn't think the lining could ever be too thick...he was wrong).

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I just came across your blog and noticed you are from Massachusetts. I am having an endometrial biopsy on Monday (please read my latest blog entry) and my RE said YIKES when I brought up the E-tegrity test. Are you doing it? I used to be a patient at Boston IVF and just switched to Dr. Ashby at the Brigham. I would love to chat with you!

Jill M. said...

Whew, so glad it made it! Now the wait for the results!