Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Electro-Acupuncture Appointment

Yesterday afternoon I went to see the electro-acupuncturist. I was looking online for some practitioners in my area who do this and I found a clinic in Minneapolis who specializes in electro-acupuncture for infertility. When I called their practice last week I was telling the gal who answered what I was looking for. She immediately started talking about Randine Lewis and her philosophies and we had a great conversation. As we were talking she asked me "Is this the Kris who just did a cycle a couple of months ago at ?" I said "yes". It turns out that she did my pre- and post- acupuncture treatment for the last cycle I did in November. What a small world! She used to be independent and I was referred to her by my clinic. Now she works with two other practitioners in the same office.

When I got to her office yesterday the surroundings were very calming and nice. She took me back to a room where we talked for a long time about a questionnaire she had sent to me on email to complete before I came. In addition to my questionnaire, she took 8 pages of notes! Wow, now that is impressive! After we were done talking she did a treatment of electro-acupuncture. She inserted the acupuncture needles in various places all over my body. Then she hooked up the electro thingy to a couple of the needles on my back. As they were vibrating wildly on my back I layed there for 20 minutes. It sounds really odd, but it was SO relaxing. After my treatment I wanted to take a nice, cozy nap and instead I had to drive 45 minutes to get home.

I have another treatment scheduled for next Tuesday where she will do a "Report of Findings" and go over what her treatment plan for me will be and other things I can do to improve my health and fertility. We will also come up with a plan for further electro-acupuncture treatments since it is recommended by Dr. School.craft that I do two treatments each week while cycling. I did ask the electro-acupuncturist if she would be able to do it at my home. She only lives about 15 minutes from me so it would be more convenient to have her just come to my house rather than spending 1.5 hours of drive time each time I have a treatment scheduled. She said she would think about how that would work and let me know. She sounded responsive to it so I hope it will work out.


kayjay said...

That's great Kris! What a small world! I also had an electro-acupuncture yesterday here in Denver and I really hope it helps while cycling. We'll see how the first u/s goes. I was like you too afterwards...I describe the post-acupuncture euphoria as feeling like a "wet noodle" and then I had to get into a car and drive back to the hotel. :) The acupuncturist here is also affiliated with Randine Lewis' Fertile Soul network and I was referred to her by my acupuncturist in Toronto. I hope she agrees to treat you at home and save you the commuting time.

gini said...

i iam aslo doing electroaccupunture,i just started 1week ago.i did 1stivf in feb didnt work iam going to do 2nd ivf FET,in april i heard alot about accu that it helps in ivf so let see.i have one question anyone knows ,or just want to know which area your accupunctrist concentrate mine she concentrate main on abdomen area,toe,wrist.she never did my backarea.can anyone help.

Akanksha said...

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