Monday, February 9, 2009

Test Results Update

Wow! This is the longest time since I have started my blog that I haven't written a post. I started writing one last Thursday and then ran out of time and couldn't finish it so here I am today.

We got back M's semen analysis and it told us what we already knew: that he has good count and motility and only 1% morphology. The nurse said that 4% is in the normal range. This is the reason that we started doing IVF w/ICSI because if his sperm does not have the right morphology (shape), then it is not able to fertilize my eggs. In IVF w/ICSI M's sperm is washed so that they only select the ones that have the best morphology (shape) and then one sperm is injected into each one of my eggs to create each embryo.

We have also found out that M's semen has small traces of bacteria in it. The nurse at CCRM said that this is really normal and that a lot of guys have this. She put M on Penicillin for 10 days to get rid of this bacteria.

We are still waiting for the sperm DNA fragmentation test to come back, which will tell us more info. It was sent to South Dakota so I am not sure how long it takes to get back. I'll post more when I find out.

I have also set up my endometrial biopsy with my local OB/GYN for this Friday. I got the "smiley" face on the OPK last Wednesday and the endometrial biopsy needs to be done 9-11 days post ovulation.

Other than this, nothing else is too new. I am not even sure what other tests we are waiting to come back. If I don't hear anything else this week, I will call CCRM and do a follow-up call. I haven't been too proactive in finding out where everything is at because we won't proceed with another cycle, whether locally or at CCRM, until we get all of our results back, including the endometrial biopsy this Friday.

I have also been thinking for a couple of weeks about a couple of heavy subjects that I want to write about soon. I need some feed back and help sorting out things and need another perspective perhaps. I will be writing about these things soon. I promise.
Wouldn't you know it, but the nurse from CCRM called tonight and gave us a couple more test results and here they are:

DHs sperm DNA fragmentation/integrity test came back average or above average (DH took the call and he didn't ask any more questions so that's all I know).

My cycle day 3 labs came back as follows:
E2= 44.5, normal is below 50
FSH= 4.92, normal is below 10
LH= 2.11, normal is below FSH level
AMH= 2.03, normal is above 1.0

So, everything is looking good so far except for the sperm morphology and the blood flow to my uterus. We can't change the sperm morphology (some say that certain supplements can improve this, but I haven't found any real good hard evidence of this and Dr. School.craft did not endorse or recommend any supplements), but thankfully we can do ICSI to work around it. As for my blood flow issue, I will do further research to find an electro-accupuncturist in my area to fix that and I am working on cutting out all caffeine. Thankfully we haven't found anything too serious. With everything looking so good I feel like there is still something missing that we haven't found with our testing yet. I am still left wondering "where is our next angel?"
UPDATE: Wednesday, February 11

My local clinic called today and my karotyping came back normal as well. She said that she will forward the results to my doctor and then he will figure out my protocol for my next cycle. I should hear from the nurse in the next couple of days. We have not explained to them yet that we don't know when/where we will be cycling next so that may be an interesting conversation with the nurse when she calls to give me my next cycles dates and protocol!


kayjay said...

It sounds like your test results are coming back quickly which is good. I hope you find out some new information that helps you to figure this whole thing out...sometimes information is what you need to make the right plan to deal with whatever it is. Don't be afraid to write about the heavy subjects - I remember when I was posting about my struggle with religion and I was hesitating when it came time to do the final post. I'm glad I decided to put it out there because the support that I got back was huge and meant so much to me. Hugs!

P.S. How did you like the hotel?

kayjay said...

Glad you liked the hotel. Can't beat the price and it was super close to CCRM. I was in the 1 bdrm king suite which was huge (I'm thinking I got the wheelchair accessible suite). This time when I go back, I'm staying in a studio suite while I'm by myself and then my DH and I are switching to a King suite when he comes out for ER and afterwards.

When you're checking around with the acupuncturists in your area, I know that acupuncture can improve sperm so you may want to ask them about it. Not sure if it's quantity and quality or just one over the other but it merits the question since you'll be on the phone with them already.


Jill M. said...

Wow, great cd3 test results!!! I'll be interested in hearing about your beta-3 integrin test as I'm pretty sure I'm doing it too. Have a great day!