Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bitter Bus Has Arrived

I met my friend, P, at a previous job that sucked! It was the worst place that I ever worked and she wasn't a fan either. The good thing was that we shared an office. When one of us was having a bad day or was frustrated and we would start complaining we would joke around and say that we were getting on the "Bitter Bus". Somehow this phrase stuck and I now use it in all situations in life.

I called DH this morning and was irritated about an email that I had received from an acquaintance. Then I complained to him about another situation that happened with a friend this morning. Then I expressed my frustration over one of his employees. He lightly started laughing at me because I was just so frazzled and frustrated this morning. My response, "OK, so just to warn you: the Bitter Bus has arrived. It is driving through town this week and most likely won't leave for a couple of weeks." We both started laughing and he responded, "I see that it's here. Thanks for the warning!".

You see, since November I have not been on any IVF meds. Now, my meds are starting to kick in and make me just a wee-bit hormonal, ie, easily irritable, easily frustrated, easily get the point. I know this...and yet I can't stop it. These things don't usually bother me to the point that I would even tell him about them because they are so silly. But being on these meds just seem to intesify everything.

So, if I seem a little snappy or irritable in the next couple weeks- I am. I have at least 19 eggs cooking in the oven and I am starting to get bloated already, and it is only day 4 of stims. The vi.agra makes me feel like I am peeing my pants all day long and the doxy.cycline and fl.agyl are upsetting my stomach. And my stim shots are burning my belly.

But I am happy- even though it doesn't sound like it. How could I not be, really? I am getting ready to create new life again and make little embryos that will hopefully become my children. I can't imagine a better time to create these new little lives than in the Spring, where the world blossoms and grows. And as I watch nature change all around me, I hope that I am also watching my belly grow and blossom- for the next nine months.


Sue said...

I know. I often think how horrible that we women have to go through this and then I think how patient our DH's have to be to live with us during all of this. I can already see the fear in Brett's eyes...!

19 sounds good to me! Get cranky, get irritated, but keep cooking those perfect little eggs! Spring has sprung! :-)

Jill M. said...

Oh the fun of IVF meds! Better warn dh that the bitter semi is coming as soon as progesterone starts.

kayjay said...

19 eggs - that is amazing!! I'm sorry that the bitter bus has arrived at your house...we call my IVF alter ego Whila-MEAN-a so I know what you mean. It's rough but at least you are aware of it and big picture is that it is only a few weeks which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Hang in there (19 holey moley!).

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

wowza! 19 eggs is the motherload. hee hee. get it. mother-load. you are doing awesome. even if you are a little grumpy.

DAVs said...

Bitter bus! Ha! Good comment on my blog re: facebook.
19 follicles! Awesome!