Saturday, April 18, 2009

IVF #5 Baseline U/S

I had my baseline u/s on Thursday for IVF #5. I had 19 antral follicles measuring less than 10. Woohoo! That's good since I am afraid that the Gan.irelix I will be on this time will stunt the growth of my smaller follicles as I begin to stim. I am really nervous about how this new protocol will work for me since I have never been on it.

I also received the rest of my calendar. I had an Es.tradiol Val.erate IM injection last night and I will have another on Monday night. I will continue with the baby as.pirin, pre.natal vitamin and dex.amethasone throughout my cycle. I will continue on Lu.pron, down from 10 units to 5 units, until 4/24 when I stop Lu.pron completely. On 4/24 everything changes. my calendar will look like this:

Men.opur- 150 IU and Bra.velle- 150 IU. These can be mixed together for one sub-q injection.
Gan.irelix sub-q injection
Es.trace suppositories- 2 X/day
Vi.agra suppositories- 4X/day
Fla.gyl pill- 2X/day
Doxy.cycline pill- DH and I both take 2x/day
Dex.amehtasone pill- 1/2 tablet/day
Baby as.piri pill- 1X/day
Pre.natal Vitamin pill- 1X/day

To sum it up: 2 shots, 6 suppositories and 7 pills each day.

So, if I seem a little crazy...I probably am!

I also have been talking to my clinic about the CGH study they are doing. I will have more info next week on this. I just need to talk a little more with my RE about the details and then I will be able to share more info in another post.


Jill M. said...

Wow, that's quite a mixture of meds! I'm dealing with the same fear, I too was on long lupron last time and this will be my first time on antagonist. I'm just doing the plain standard antagon though, no lupron or estrogen, no suppression at all. I'm scared of a dominant follicle. Best of luck, rooting you on!

MamaSoon said...

I am so impressed. that is so many resting follies. very excited for you. the number of meds is staggering is it?

go get 'em!

Anonymous said...

That is a great AF count!! YAY!!! I am wishing you the best.