Sunday, December 13, 2009

Admitted Again

Yesterday I came to the hospital to be monitored again. The babies are still looking wonderful, but my liver enzyme levels increased again. My OB admitted me back into the hospital and ordered some more labs and an u/s to view my liver and gall bladder. The only symptom I am experiencing is the increase in my liver enzyme levels. I feel completely fine and I have no other symptoms of pain or discomfort or anything. I have become quite the mystery:)

The u/s of my liver and gall bladder came back completely normal. I don't have gall stones and my liver is doing just fine. My urine came back better yesterday too. On Thursday when I started spilling protein into my urine the result was 50, yesterday it decreased to 30. My 24 hour urine from Thursday evening to Friday evening came back at 282 and anything under 300 for pregnant women is acceptable. My blood pressure has been really good too, usually somewhere around 110/65.

My OB told me that she wanted me to stay in the hospital overnight so that they could draw labs this morning and if my liver enzyme levels increased much more then I would have to deliver the babies this morning. They gave me an IV (ouch!) for the night to keep my hydrated and to help prep for the possible c-section this morning.

Since my levels decreased from yesterday to this morning, my OB is going to be bringing in a perinatologist to consult with. She went home last night and was trying to research more on my case and can't come up with a diagnosis that works or can't find any support for what is going on with me. Usually when your liver enzymes increase your platelets decrease and my platelets are within normal range.

Last night we also toured the NICU and found out a lot of info about what to expect if our babies have to be delivered. DH and I will be allowed in anytime, but each baby will only be allowed two visitors each day. Since we are having twins, we will be allowed to have four visitors each day, two for each baby.

One other thing that I found out is that my OB group was the same group that Bri had. When I talked to Andy last week he said that it took them awhile to diagnose Bri with HELLP because she did not have a typical presentation of the symptoms. I know and feel completely confidant in my OB and her group. They have come highly recommended to me by several physicians and a lot of the nurses here use them for their own personal OB care. I know that I am in good hands and it just may be that after what happened to Bri that they are being extra cautious with my situation, which I am completely fine with. Either way I am happy that they are monitoring me so closely.


DAVs said...

I'll be sending you lots of good liver enzyme vibes! It sounds like you are in the absolute best of hands and that they are doing EVERYTHING possible to take care of you and the babies. Thinking of you--try not to stress (I know, nearly impossible) and keep us posted if you can!!!

Jill M. said...

I'm so glad they are being super caution with you. I hope they find an answer soon and that all is ok. Hugs

Sue said...

I'm really glad they are being so cautious with you. I know it is ideal to keep the babies in as long as possible, but it sounds like an early delivery might not be a bad idea...they are pretty big and strong now and the stuff with you is making me nervous. I'll be awaiting an update when you get a chance. Hang in there.