Monday, December 14, 2009

Hospital Bedrest

Yesterday DH and I met with perinatalogist. He came highly recommended and has had the opportunity to train with the world expert on HELLP syndome. He was very thorough and asked me a lot of questions. He, too, does not know what is going on with me. Since I am only presenting one symptom (high liver enzyme levels), there is no way to diagnose me properly. He explained that he had a similar patient about six months ago. She stayed on hospital bedrest until about 37 weeks and then she developed pre-eclampsia.

He explained that he does not want me going home and continued to be monitored as an outpatient. He wants to be cautious with me and continue to monitor the babies and I while we remain in the hospital. He has ordered my liver enzyme levels to be drawn every day as well as a biophysical u/s of the babies to make sure they are not under stress. So far the babies are doing awesome and continuing to thrive in my belly.

They are trying to balance my health with the health of the babies. If I start to present any other symptoms or if the babies become stressed, they will deliver the babies. Right now we are just going day by day and hoping that things continue to go well and that I feel well so that the babies don't have to come too early.

As much as I agree with their decision to keep me here indefinitely, I am bummed. I want to be at home with my DH and Logan and I don't want to be constantly worried about this. It is scary not knowing what is happening inside of my body. I just hope in the end I have two healthy babies....and I hope their Mommy is equally as healthy.

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Sue said...

This is so hard. It is made even worse and scarier by your friend's wife's story. I am glad they are being so cautious...but part of me wants you to be in a "safer place" as in, no more worries of HELLP or preeclampsia. They are being very cautious...but it sounds so scary...your DH must be scared to death too. I am just so glad they are keeping an eye and daily checking your levels and the health of the babies. You will do fine...this is just a bump in the road.