Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Phone Consult Moved Up!

My dear husband and I finally had the chance to complete our new patient paperwork for our phone consult with CCRM today. As we were filling it out I had a couple of questions and had to call CCRM. As the receptionist and I were talking she told me that Dr. Schoolcraft's scheduled had opened up a little and that he had some openings on December 29, if we wanted to move our phone consult up. Woohoo! I love when things get moved up as I am not very patient, especially since I always feel like I am in crisis mode with our infertility issues.

I have to call my local clinic and ask if they will be able to send my records to CCRM ASAP. My dear husband faxed over the request for my records yesterday, but they had told me previously that they have 30 days to complete the request for records. I don't want to be pushy with them as I LOVE their staff and we have not decided if we will do our last cycle there or not. If they can't send my records over in time, then I will have to ask for some further information over the phone so that I can be prepared for my consult. Oh, the joys of IVF! :)


Brooklyn said...

Hi Kris,

I've heard CCRM is a fantastic clinic from things that I've read on IVFC. That's cool they got you an earlier consultation!

In response to your questions on my blog:

nope, I'm not a professional photographer. It's just a hobby I like. But thank you for your kind comments!

The clinic we had success at was Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM). Their website is www.haveababy.com They have a great discussion board that anyone can post questions on and the doctors respond to it. I went to their Las Vegas clinic because it is closest to us and my Dr. was Jeffery Fisch.

Best wishes to you!

Niki said...

Kris, that is great news! I'm so happy that you got to move your appointment up! I know exactly what you mean about disliking the waiting and feeling like you are in constant crisis mode! I think that's been my life for the last 4 years (minus 23wks of my pregnancy with Myles). I bet if you call and sweet talk someone at RMIA they will get your records together faster! Could you ask to talk to someone you "know" at RMIA like Dawn to plead your case for you? That's probably what I would do. Good luck!

Tom and Margit said...

Yeah...that is fantastic! I think if you let RMIA know why you need them and that it is important for you, that they should be able to get them.
I hope we can all get together soon for a lunch and catch up. I think about you ladies all the time!

Deborah said...

Sorry it took me so long, here are the blogs that I mentioned Jill at http://desperatelyseekingspawn.blogspot.com/ and Annie at http://1moreweek.blogspot.com/

They are both amazing ladies and I sure will be more than helpful if you have questions.