Monday, July 27, 2009

Back From Vacation

We returned home yesterday from a wonderful 10 day vacation. We went with a group of people and drove with our campers and motor homes 7 hours to Milwaukee to visit the sites. We stayed at a campground that had a water park and pool, miniature golf, jumping pillow and tons of activities for the kids. We also went to the Factory Tour where we ate way too many jelly beans. Did you know that makes jelly beans flavored to taste like pencil shavings, baby wipes, vomit and ear wax. Disgusting! No one in our group was brave enough to try them, that is for sure.

After staying in Milwaukee for several days we headed to southern Minnesota to a really nice campground that had a spring-fed swimming pool. There wasn't that much to do there so we mostly hung out at our campsites and did activities with our group. At any rate, it was just nice to get away and to spend time with DH and L. My mom and dad also went and we brought along my nieces too.

The exciting news from last week is that I started to feel the babies moving around in my belly. Sometimes it feels like little fluttering butterflies in my belly and other times I feel a slight tap of them hitting or kicking me. One of them likes to be just to the right of my belly button. The other one likes to be to the left of my belly button and down an inch or two. The movements haven't been real consistent, but every time I told DH that I had not felt the babies move in a while they would move, as if on cue.

I took my last heparin shot on Saturday and I still felt movement yesterday so I am relieved about that. I think I have only felt one of them moving today, but it is still really early in the day. I will be obsessing nervously all day today on my belly and what I am feeling to make sure they are still alive and kicking in there. I have a viability u/s tomorrow morning to confirm that they are doing okay after going off of the heparin.

Did I ever mention that Peace of Mind is priceless?


Jill M. said...

Welcome back, sounds like you had a great vacation. What horrible flavors for jelly belly, who would ever buy those???

Awesome news on getting to feel your babes move and best of luck at tomorrow's u/s.

Sue said...

I did hear that jell.y had those flavors - I think they made them for the Harry Pot.ter thing. Ewwww. no thanks! but it sounds like you had a great time! How exciting that you have been feeling them move! (I can't remember how far along you are now!). Are you officially in maternity clothes now?

Erica said...

Ew on the jelly belly flavors! Who would EVER buy those?

How far along are you now? I'm literally dying to feel the babies move. I don't think I have yet, but then again friends have said it feels a little like a gas bubble. How the heck am I supposed to know the difference? Is it obvious?

kayjay said...

glad to hear you had a great vacation and I too would have stayed far, far away from those weird flavours!! That is so neat that you can already figure out where each twin is and identify which one is kicking...that is so cool.

Anonymous said...

Kris oh Kris I've MISSED YOU!!! So glad you guys had a nice vacation & I can't wait to hear more about it! You should have brought some of those icky jelly beans home with you as I know Kelly would have tried them!! ;) We could have had a lot of fun with that!! Have fun tomorrow at your U/S and call me when your done!! I have some news for you too!