Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surprise u/s and First Kick?

Today I went in for a doppler of the babies heartbeats. To our surprise (and irritation) our regular OB was running behind, way behind. After 35 minutes of sitting in the waiting room, DH went up to ask to receptionist how much longer it would be. She told us about another 30 minutes. Ugh! We had L with us and DH came from work to meet us so he could hear their little heartbeats again. so it was not an ideal day for us to be sitting there for as long as we were (although L was so patient and such a good boy that we took him to McDonald's after our appt, which is a huge treat at our house).

The receptionist asked us if we would be OK with having a CNP do the doppler since she had an opening. We gladly accepted and went back into the patient room to wait for her....for another 20 minutes. I left the room to use the bathroom and on the way back to the room I saw a CMA that coincidentally used to work at my REs office and just started working at my OBs office. She said, "How are you doing?". I replied, "Horrible, we have been here for an hour and have not been seen yet." She said she would check on it. About 5-10 minutes later she came back with another OB and asked if it would be OK if we saw her instead. We gladly accepted again.

The OB came in and started to do the doppler and then decided to give us an u/s instead. She said that she wouldn't feel comfortable just listening to the doppler after the cramping I have been having this week. We went into the u/s room and saw our two perfect little babies in there moving all around with nice little heartbeats. DH was holding L and showing him the babies on the screen. L thought that was pretty cool!

As she was doing the u/s, the OB asked me, "Did you just feel that? The baby just hit you really hard." I told her that I did not feel it, but yesterday I swore that I felt a kick and showed her where on my belly. She told me that it very possibly was a kick because they were moving so much and so active. She also looked at where I pointed on my belly with the u/s machine and said that is where the top of my uterus was.

Ahh, another sigh of relief! Now I get to start weaning off the heparin, which I am super nervous about. We go in for another viability u/s on July 28. In the meantime, I will be on vacation and not around much online.


Jill M. said...

Ahhh, what a great appt! Love hearing the good news.

DAVs said...

Such fantastic news!
Have a great vacation!

Sue said...

That is a great appointment! so glad you got the u/s instead of just the much more gratifying:-) Now, enjoy your trip!

Erica said...

Glad the little guys are doing great! I can't wait to feel mine moving. Sometimes I think I'm hallucinating...did I just feel something? Hmmmm...I can't be sure!