Monday, July 6, 2009

Third Ultrasound

Before I begin talking about our third (and last) u/s with our RE, I want to touch base about the state of my blog. I have decided to keep my blog and for now I will be keeping the name the same. I thought about changing it to Found Another Angel, but I don't think I will completely relax until I am holding my babies in my arms. So, for now, everything remains the same:)

I had my third u/s on Thursday, July 2. I haven't updated until now because when we got home from the u/s we left right away to go out of town for the 4th of July and I did not have time to update.

When we got to the clinic I started to get nervous and anxious again. When the nurse called me back she explained that another nurse was going to be coming in with us because she is going to start doing CoP (Confirmation of Pregnancy) u/s in the future. I told her that was fine. I asked her if she could just find the heartbeats first and then she could do whatever she wanted.

As soon as dildo-cam was inserted she found the two flickering heartbeats right away. The first image we saw of our babies was them lying right next to each other. Except they were sitting with their feet by the others head (does that make sense?). They were both moving their arms, legs and heads like they were doing a happy dance or just waving and going crazy to say "hi" to DH and I. It was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life (well, except for all of the cute things that L has done:)).

Here are their measurements:

Baby A: measured 9w5d, heartbeat 158
Baby B: measured 10w0d, heartbeat 166

Baby A was more scrunched together (think head hanging toward your chest) and baby B was sitting more straight this time, so this affects their measurements. On the date of the u/s I was 9w6d so both babies are measuring right on. Their heartbeats are good and strong and they were moving like crazy.

When my RE came in he was all smiles and happy for us. He thanked us for sticking with him for all of those cycles. DH and I appreciated that he acknowledged that since he knew we had flown to CO to get a second opinion at CCRM.

We can't wait until January when we are holding our babies in our arms!

My first OB appt is tomorrow. Woohoo! I have officially graduated from my RE! Wow, I just never thought that this would happen, that we would be pregnant again. And with twins, nonetheless! :)


Sue said...

Congratulations right back at you, Graduate!!! I am so excited for you and your two beautiful little babies! Glad you are keeping the blog - no pressure to post constantly, I promise:-)

Jill M. said...

Very happy you'll be sticking around! Congrats on the perfect u/s, you must be beaming!

Deb said...

That is such wonderful news. You are officially "just another pregnant lady" I know, not really, but enjoy this wonderful miracle in your life times two.

Jen said...

hurrah~ I'm so so so happy for you and your family!!!