Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Viability Ultrasound

We had our viability u/s this morning after weaning off of the heparin shots. I was nervous as usual and asked the u/s tech if she would find their little heartbeats first before looking at anything else. She found both of them right away and both babies were positioned where I have been feeling their little kicks.

Baby A was laying face up and on my lower left side. Baby B was laying face down/back (facing my back) on my right side a bit higher up. Here are their stats:

Baby A: measured 13w6d, h/b 148
Baby B: measured 13w6d, h/b 159
I am currently 13w4d

We got a lot of really good pictures of each of them today. I have never had a 3D u/s before and DH and I were amazed, to say the least. The u/s was so clear and you could see so much of what they looked like. We got a great front shot of Baby A, but since Baby B was facing backwards we got a back shot of him/her, including a cute little tooshie/keister (technical term: rump) shot. We also got a side pic of both of them facing each other. Wow! I was truly amazed and had tears streaming down my face, as usual:)

The u/s tech said that everything looked normal, their brains looked good, their stomachs looked good and it looked like they were swallowing properly, their bone structure looked good. We opted not to do the NT scan today. DH and I didn't want the worry since I am already a huge worry wart. We have the thought process of "come what may be". We didn't do any testing with L either and he is a perfectly healthy little boy. We are hoping for the same with his siblings.

Next appt is August 18, one day after my 32nd bday.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! :) Post the pictures!!!!!


Bobbi said...

Woo Hoo!

Jill M. said...

Ahhh, sounds so cute! Don't leave us hanging, where's the u/s pics? =)))

Erica said...

Excellent news! I agree with the commenter before me - post the u/s pics if you can. Thanks for giving me that info too. I don't know if my placenta is posterior or not. No one ever said anything to me. My next u/s isn't until the 20th! UGH!!! Hopefully I'll be able to find out their gender then 'cause I'll be 20 weeks.

kayjay said...

Awww come one! Don't hold out on us - I'd love to see the 3d u/s pictures okay? I know how it is to worry when you go in for any sort of diagnostic screening or testing...you always wonder until the very last second whether or not they will really be there and are okay and then you see them and it's all okay. I guess that worry never goes away does it? Post some pics please!!!

Deb said...

I think you got the picture from the above comments....hmmmm.

I am so happy things are still going well!