Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bad Cramping (tmi post)

Last night at about 10:00 I started having really bad cramping. It felt like someone was ripping out my belly. I thought that maybe I had to have a BM so I went into the bathroom. As I was sitting there I had a total of 6-7 more bad cramps. I was having difficulty breathing and having to breathe like I was in labor to keep from passing out because of the intense pain.

After they settled down I decided to go to bed and see what the morning brought. I wanted to make sure that I was not bleeding and I didn't want to over-react and call my OB. This morning when I woke up I was feeling much better, but still had a little pain in my lower belly.

I called DH at work and was talking to him about it. We were saying that ever since I have been pregnant I have to have a BM every day, which is so not like me. Every morning I start with a mild belly ache and by the time I make it to the bathroom I am having such horrible pain that I can barely breathe, much like last night. However, as soon as I "go" my belly ache is over and I resume my normal activities for the day. This is how I felt last night, but I never "went"; I just had a series of intensely bad cramps.

I called my OB this morning and talked to the nurse and she asked if I wanted her to make an appt for me. I did have her make an appt, but then later canceled it. Here's the deal: I really do think it was cramping from needing to have a BM (now remember, I am "going" every morning and sometimes 2x/day so I am not constipated). As the day has gone on today I feel a bit queasy and my belly is a bit unsettled. I have had three BMs today and apparently need to "go" every time I am done eating anything.

I called back my OB and was able to talk to another OB there. She asked me all of the appropriate questions, "are you bleeding?, "do you feel like you could have a bladder infection?", etc. I told her that I probably over-reacted by even calling in this morning and explained that it took us three years to get pregnant and I tend to be a worry-wart. I explained that I was going on vacation on Friday so I was nervous that something bad was going to happen while I am on vacation. I asked if I could cancel todays appt and instead go in on Thursday just for a doppler to hear their heartbeats and make sure that they are OK before we go out of town. She replied, "of course!".

We have an appt for 11:20 on Thursday with my regular OB. Peace of Mind is priceless!


Infertile In the City said...

Sorry to hear - have you thought about changing your food just a little? Try eliminating wheat and dairy for a few days? It may help - hope it goes well on thursday!

Sue said...

Scary. I probably would have been in there and insisting an u/s asap! So, I'm impressed with your restraint...but they say women have different digestive reactions to pregnancy...so this is yours for this pregnancy. I'm sure all is fine...how far along are you now?

Jill M. said...

Yikes, that sounded scary! Glad all is ok!

Kris said...

Infertile in the City- That makes a lot of sense... last night I had a few slices of pizza with lots of cheese on them so I am wondering if that is what caused the cramping and possible gasiness. Good thought!

Sue- I am currently 11w4d:) Apparently I am stuck with a the intensely painful digestive reaction...and overall loving every minute of it!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry your going through this yucky abdominal pain...I often get the same thing (a lovely family trait). Almost like my intestines are twisting on the inside...takes my breathe away. I wanted to mention to you, just because it runs in my family, that you may want to ask your dr. about being tested for h. pylori infection. My dad & aunt both had it & is easily treated w/antibiotics. You probably don't have it, but thought I'd mention it.

Hope your feeling better & talk to you soon!


kayjay said...

Owww. I'm sorry to hear you had such bad cramps. They sound to me like the ones I get when I've eaten too much dairy (I'm lactose intolerant) and cheese is the worst because it's not only dairy but it's also high in fat. I have a hard time with the dairy and the fat together and one exacerbates the other. Double whammy for me. I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope you have a good time on your vacation!!

Deb said...

Nothing like something else to make you worry?!
I hope that you are able to find a solution. Sounds like pretty good advice listed above. Take it easy and have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

The strange thing is that I had the same things with my twin pg. Every morning I would experience terrible cramping/pain, until I "went." I also went several times a day. Don't know why, but thought I'd let you know you aren't the only one. Enjoy your vacation!
Cincygirl (jen)