Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First OB Appointment

Today we had our first OB appointment. Woohoo! I have been to my OB three other times in the last three years, but it was never as exciting as today was. I have to start off by saying that my OB is just fabulous. She is so kind, compassionate, reassuring and professional. DH really likes her too and he was able to ask his questions and participate in the appointment as well.

She did a check of my cervix and overall body assessment and all looked good. We had a lot of questions and she answered them so patiently. We discussed my labor with L and how my c-section was decided upon (for those that don't know, here is the shortened story: my water broke at 6:00 on a Monday night. I was admitted to the hospital, but was not having any contractions. On Tuesday morning they started me on pitocin (sp?)and I was finally dilated to 10 just before midnight. I pushed for 3+ hours and L did not move one centimeter. The specialist and my doctor came in and examined me and asked if I wanted a c-section. I gladly accepted their offer and L was born at 6:28am on that Wednesday morning). My OB said that she was comfortable with me having another c-section, but this time having it planned so that I don't have to go through all of that again. I almost got up and hugged her:) She said that with twins they like to see you go to 39 weeks before they schedule a c-section, but she usually likes to do them at 38 weeks because the patient (mom) is so uncomfortable by that point that she hates to make them wait any longer.

We also discussed when I should go off of heparin. My RE put me on it to help me get pregnant. I have never been tested for any blood clotting disorders, but after going through so many cycles he decided to "throw the book at me" and he added it into my protocol on my 3rd or 4th IVF cycle. So, when I hit 12 weeks, she wants me to reduce to one heparin shot/day for several days and then eliminate the baby aspirin several days later (my RE puts all of his patients on this). My gut tells me that I don't need to be on the heparin, but I am still scared that I will lose these babies after I go off of it. Just for peace of mind she scheduled me for an u/s on July 28 to check for cardiac activity/viability after going off of both the heparin and baby aspirin. We will possibly do our NT scan on July 28 as well. We are still undecided on whether or not to do the scan.

At the end of our appointment she got out the doppler to find the heartbeats. As she was moving around my belly I started getting nervous that she wouldn't find them. She found the first one almost right away and it took her a couple of minutes to find the second one. Since DH and I had only seen their heartbeats on the three u/s we had at our RE office, we were delighted to actually hear them today. I got all teary-eyed and DH just stood there with a grin on his face. Amazing! I don't think I will ever tire of hearing my children's heartbeats. Every night before I go to bed I check on L sleeping in his own room. When I walk into his room I always put my hand on the side of his belly just to feel him breathing in and out and then I kiss his cheek or eyelid goodnight.

Next u/s: July 28
Next OB appt: August 18
In-between appts: trying not to panic and just enjoy being pregnant

We are continuing to hope, pray and wish that we will have two healthy babies come January 2010!


Sue said...

Great news!!! I've been told that you should always do the NT scan b/c it is a great opportunity to get a very detailed scan - but I've also considered not doing it too. I would never make any drastic decisions based on the NT scan and sometimes they scare you for no reason...so I'm not sure either..but I think we will do one for the detailed pics...and maybe "warning" if something looks off. Glad all went well!

Jill M. said...

I agree, great news! Keep the good news coming!