Monday, January 19, 2009

AF Update and Karotyping Results

AF arrived bright and early this morning! I am so glad I didn't take Pro.vera to induce AF. I would probably still be waiting for her to arrive. I called CCRM this morning to confirm our appointment for next Monday, January 26!!

I also asked for the instructions on what needs to be done to draw my cycle day 3 labs before going to CO. They are not legally supposed to give me any instructions since I am not technically their patient until we go there next Monday. She did tell me that if I could find someone to draw my blood for me that they need 2 tubes of serum and that it needs to be frozen and then I can put it in a cooler and bring it on the plane with me. If we wait until next month to do it then we won't be able to start stimmining until March and then we will be in CO when M starts back up to work this spring, which will be really inconvenient. If we could stim and do the ER in late February/early March it would just work out a whole lot better. Tomorrow I will start calling my two OB offices and the local hospital to see if they can do this for me without official orders from CCRM. If not, we will just have to wait to get the official orders from CCRM on Monday and then have it done next month and send it to CCRM for testing.

I also received a phone call from my local RE today that M does NOT have a balanced translocation. Now that he has been tested, I will be going in tomorrow morning to have my blood drawn to get tested for a balanced translocation. If my clinic would have just let us both be tested at the same time, that would have been way more convenient.

It's been a productive day, that is for sure. I have booked our flights, hotel and car rental and I am just about to call my Dad to confirm that he will take L while we are gone. I should feel relieved that everything is coming together, but somehow I am feeling a bit stressed out. Hopefully this will all be worth it in the end and I will be holding a baby in my arms soon. The "what ifs", "what should have beens" and "if onlys" are already starting to pile up.

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Jill M. said...

Sounds like things are starting to kick into gear! Great news on dh not having a translocation! Best of luck to you!