Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank Yous and AF Update

There is a group of girls that live in my area that I have met on IVFC. All of them have done or are getting ready to do an IVF cycle. We have gotten together a few times this year and we talk often online. This morning there was supposed to be 6-7 of us that were going to get together for breakfast. However, the lovely road conditions did not cooperate so only two of us showed up (K- I had a GREAT time chatting with you this morning!!). Not only has this group of girls gone through their own IF struggle, they have also provided a source of support for me. A bigger source than they probably even know. These local girls, and so many others on IVFC, have provided me with support, joy, compassion, empathy, understanding, knowledge, insight and hope, just to name a few. A BIG thank you to each and every one of you for helping me through this IF struggle.

In addition to the IVFC girls, I also need to thank my dear friend, S. We have been friends for several years and every year that passes gets better because of her great friendship. When my ex-BFF and frenemies deserted me, she was there. When I had my two chem pgs, she was there. For every BFN I had, she was there. For every disappointment and infrequent joys I have had, she was there. When she was pg this year and delivered her her beautiful baby boy in November, she was there. She didn't exclude me from her happy times and isolate me from this wonderful time in her life. It's friends like these that you never forget. I will never forget the generosity, compassion, empathy and understanding that she has shown me during my IF struggle and the great friend she was before I began this struggle and who she continues to be to this day. She is one "constant" that I can always count on and for this, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, S!

I have another dear friend, P, who I would like to thank too. She has been a guiding light and has shown me a beacon of light in this journey. We have so much in common and she always provides great insight. She has shown me the Lord in a way that no one else has. She completely "gets" my situation in a way that no one else has due to her own current situation. Together we have commiserated, cried, laughed, ranted, depended on the Lord, cried, laughed and drank coffee together. Did I mention.??! ..we've cried and laughed together:):) Thank you, P, for always being strong when I am weak and allowing me to be strong when you are weak.

Over time, I will thank others who have helped me along the way, but today I thought I would focus on friends since I kicked off my day with breakfast with a friend.

Still no AF. Tomorrow I will have to call CCRM and post-pone my one day work-up appointment. Hopefully, I will wake up tomorrow and the wicked witch will be here. Why is it that AF arrives when you don't want her to and then she doesn't come when you do want her to? I just wanted to be able to plan ONE thing, that's all...and, of course, AF had to go and ruin my plans, again **sigh**.

(And, no, still no hope that I am currently pregnant. I haven't tested and I don't plan on it.)


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