Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spotting and Karotyping

Well, I think that AF is on her way! I have been spotting all day today, which is not entirely abnormal for me. When I first started spotting this morning I was practically giddy! I have not been this excited for AF to arrive since before I was married (and, yes, Mom, I did have "fun" before I was married). Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and she will be here in full force.

To prepare for our trip to CO next Sunday-Monday, I looked at airline prices today. They are really reasonable and less than we paid to go to AZ last week. We will only be there one night and we plan on staying at the least expensive place that CCRM listed on the area informational sheet that was sent out with my packet. When we go down there next week, we plan on looking at some of the other hotels listed so that we can figure out where we want to stay for our extended trip if we cycle there.

Today we were at my parents house and my dad just had surgery on Thursday. He had a bone spur on his foot that broke and was having tons of pain. He told us that he could take L when we travel to CO next week. What a relief! I was already trying to figure out what to do with him since all of the people I trust to take him work on Mondays.

I also called my local RE on Friday to ask if they had received the results of the karotyping for a balanced translocation on DH. It has been five weeks and they have not received the results back yet. They originally told me that it takes a "couple" of weeks to receive the results. I asked the nurse if she could follow-up on it and let me know on Monday. I am expecting a phone call back from them tomorrow. If it turns out that M does not have a balanced translocation, then I will be tested.

Things are starting to roll along, finally.

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kayjay said...

GL in Colorado! I hope everything turns out for you. Just curious - did you request the karyotyping to be done or was that recommended to you? I've wondered if we should be tested since we don't know of any reason why we aren't getting pregnant and we have never, once gotten pregnant on our own in 6 years of trying. Just wondering.

While you're out in Denver, you may want to check out Candlewood Suites Meridian Business Park - they are a 5 minute drive to CCRM and just on the other side of the I25. If you can manage all in one room, they will give you a Queen studio for $59/night complete with kitchenette (call the hotel directly and tell them you are a patient at the Sky Ridge Medical Centre). If you want a suite, a King suite is $79/night. I stayed there last time and it was new, clean and nice and I liked being able to make my own meals. I've also stayed at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites and this was really, really nice but the nightly rate was $109/night.