Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CCRMs Instructions (CM/tmi mentioned)

Well, I talked to the nurse at CCRM this afternoon. She said that with the progesterone level of 2.3 that I have already ovulated in the last couple of days. She said that progesterone is usually less than 1 if you have not ovulated and in some labs it can be up to less than 1.5. My local RE says that if your progesterone is less than 3 it means that you have not ovulated. In short, CCRM says that I HAVE ovulated. Local RE says that I HAVE NOT ovulated.

CCRM thinks that I will get AF in about 10 days on my own (without taking Provera) and has scheduled me for my one day work-up on January 26. This means that AF has to come by January 22, in order for me to go there for my work-up since I have to go between cycle days 5-13.

After talking to my dear husband and my mom I have decided to wait it out and see if AF arrives in about 10 days or so. I am just so, so tired of taking all of these medications. Also, the CM I had over the last several days is somewhat consistent with ovulation.

Is there anyone else out there that is confused besides me?


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kayjay said...


When I cycled at CCRM, my P4 shot up to 2.74 after just 3 days of stims and they would not let me do a fresh transfer b/c Dr. Sch told me that my uterus was already fooled into thinking that I had ovulated. So, it seems that your P4 level of 2.3 is consistent with what CCRM told me, that is high enough for you to have ovulated. I think you made the right decision to wait for AF to arrive rather than taking the Provera because it will likely happen on its own. So much for planning!