Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Remembering Myles and Cycle Day 3 lab

Please take a moment today to help me remember Myles. He was born one year ago today and is a little Angel whose life was far too short. My dear friend, Niki, is his very wonderful Mommy. I met Niki on IVFC and she also goes to the same local clinic as I do. We have met IRL and she is an amazing person whose spirit shines through. Please take a look at her blog and remember her sweet little boy with me. She has a video montage of Myles's life on the right side bar of her blog, if you wish to view it.

I went to the local hospital today to get my cycle day 3 labs drawn. They agreed to draw my blood and turn it into serum and then store it in their freezer. When I get back from CCRM next week I have to bring my orders from Dr. Scool.craft to the hospital along with the shipping kit and they will send it to CCRM for me. Once CCRM gets the serum, they will test it in their own lab. Woohoo! I am so happy that they were able to do this for me without the doctor's official orders. They are literally saving us a whole month in getting started to cycle at CCRM, if that is what we decide to do.


Niki said...

Kris, your kinds words about my sweet Myles mean the world to me! Thank you so much for remembering Myles and for thinking of us!

Yay, on getting the cd3 b/w done! I know how horrible waiting a whole month would've been for you! In IF world a month seems much, much longer!

((HUGS)) and many well wishes to you!

Jill M. said...

That was very sweet of you to recognize your friend Niki. I watched her video and OMG, crocodile tears came running down my face. I cannot imagine enduring that type of loss.

Yeah on the cd3 b/w, that's always a relief when things work out!