Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Busy Plans, Testing and Cycling Update

Thankfully this winter we have a lot of busy, fun plans. It is always nice to stay busy so that I don't constantly keep thinking about our cr*ppy IF. Here is our schedule:

January 10-15: Arizona to visit FIL and his wife
January 22-25: DH snowmobiling in Michigan
January 25-26: Colorado for one day work-up
January 29-February 1: I go scrapbooking
February 6-8: Northern Minnesota to visit friends
February 11-14: Nieces to stay at our house while my sister and her DH go to Las Vegas
February 19-20- DH goes to Ice Fishing contest in Wisconsin

I am really excited to go scrapbooking tomorrow. I am going with 15 other girls to a crafting retreat. I know about half of the people that will be there including my mom, sis and good friend, L. DH, DS, my dad, BIL and nieces are going to spend the weekend ice fishing on one of the local lakes. When us girls get back on Sunday we are going to meet up with the guys and kids at my parents house and watch the SuperBowl together. The guys are planning all of the food and cooking for us girls.

I heard back from my OB and she is able to perform the E-Tegrity test to check for the beta 3 integrin protein in my endometrial lining. I have to supply a couple of the things needed for the procedure and then ship it off to the outside lab myself.

I also called the local hospital today that has my serum in the freezer. I have to go there tomorrow to give them my doctor's orders and then they will take care of shipping my serum off to CO for me.

Dr. Schoolcraft said that all of our stuff would be current for one year. Although, I am almost certain that we will have to at least do the communicable disease blood work every six months as mandated by the FDA. I figured that if we for surely decide to cycle locally to finish out our warranty program that I would do the fresh cycle in March/April. If we have any frozen embryos from that cycle then I think we would be able to cycle again in June/July. If we fail both of these cycles then I am hoping that we would be able to do the egg retrieval at CCRM in November/December (I want the medical tax deduction in 2009!) and then do the CGH frozen transfer in winter 2010. Man, that seems like a long time way! Hopefully, it will be well the worth the wait!

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