Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Not Pregnancy Test

This morning I woke up and after realizing that I had to use the restroom 4 times between 9:30 last night and 8:00 this morning I decided to POAS. I got out the one lonely HPT that I had in my house and proceed to POAS. As it is blinking, my hopes remained low as it is a digital test and even I were pregnant I would expect that my HcG levels would be lower than 50, which the test is made to detect at.

As I am waiting for the result I decide to pick-up a few things around the house and get some laundry started. When I walked back in to the bathroom I looked at the HPT box as the test was blinking away. All I could do was laugh, hysterically. Stupid me used an Ovulation predictor kit test!! It wasn't a HPT at all. Apparently today I am not supposed to know if I am pregnant or not:)

I am still super bloated and am now officially calling my stomach a "science experiment". When I woke up yesterday I told DH, "I think it is getting smaller." He looked at it and said, "Hmm, do you think so?" Apparently it's not. I go in tomorrow for another OHSS check, but don't suspect that I have it. My belly is really bloated, but it doesn't hurt and I have no other OHSS symptoms at all. Not quite sure why I am so bloated. Anyone have any thoughts?? I think today I look like I am about 5 months pregnant, really, and this is not an exaggeration. When I saw my dad on Friday and he looked at my stomach I think his eyes just about bugged out of his head.

My current medications:

Estrace orally 2X/day
Endometrin suppositories 3X/day
PIO IM injection 1X/ day
Heparin sub-q injection 2X/day
Prenatal vitamin
Baby Aspirin

I also wanted to thank two IF friends, N and K, who called me this week to check on me. We all go to the same clinic and are all actively cycling right now. Thank you also to C, who is done cycling at my clinic, who met me this week to do a "drug swap". Okay, well there weren't really any drugs involved but she gave me a bunch of her PIO needles which the pharmacy wanted to charge me $55 for. Thanks also to my dear friend, S, who always stalks me at just the right moment and who allows me to stalk her too, LOL!:) And, as always, thanks to DH and my family for giving us just enough support to know that we are loved.

Now that this sounds like an acceptance speech for an Academy Award, I am going to end this blog post!


kayjay said...

That's too funny you used an OPK instead of a HPT!!! Frequent peeing is always a good sign so take it as it comes! When is your beta again?

DAVs said...

Oh yeah. Been there done that on the OPK instead of HPT. But I got the two lines, and then I thought I was pregnant and I did this crazy happy dance all over the house before realizing my mistake. DUH.
Anyhoo, I think the bloating is a good sign, but I'm sorry you're uncomfortable. Hang in there!

Tiff and Adam said...

The bloating is a GREAT sign! I've been bloated since about 3 days before my BFP and it hasn't let down. I'm 6 weeks today and look 5 months. I've been wearing bella bands because I haven't been able to button any of my pants since my BFP! I'm praying so hard for you!!!!!

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

Argh! That stinks. I have some sticks for you right here! Not much longer. Great signs though.

Can you tell me if you get bruises doing the PIO since you are on heparin? And why are you doing the heparin? I need reassurance here and to set real expectations on how this is gonna work. i start lovenox soon and am afraid of PIO and lovenox.

Fingers crossed for yoU!

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

I am also on the Lovenox for the same reason. I have no real clotting factors (although I had some questionable results a year ago). The hematologist said to just try it this time and see if it makes a difference because in some cases that is the magic ticket. thanks for answering my questions. I am still rooting for you over here!! Woo hoo!

Jill M. said...

I was on the edge of my seating hoping to find a BFP announcement some where in that post. Can't wait to officially read it!

Deb said...

I was so waiting on that pee stick result. So are you going to try again?

Take care and I hope OHSS stays away.