Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ultrasound Update #2

I had another monitoring u/s this morning. And I was irritated when I left there. It was a waste of time. My REs associate, who has only been an RE for about 6 months, did my u/s today. Usually the nurses do them, so this is the first time I had an RE do one. She measured my lining at 7.0 (didn't give me a letter). Then she measured my follies and she estimated how many there were. Seriously? Estimated? WTF?!?

I asked the nurse before I left how my lining could decrease since I am not bleeding and I am on the vi.agra suppositories. She told me that is is subjective and is measured differently by different people. Okay, I can understand that. But this was not my first rodeo. I have been through this four other times and my lining has never decreased. Nor has my follicle count ever decreased as it did today.

I left there feeling like it was a complete waste of time. Rest assured, my favorite nurse will be there on Monday for my next u/s appointment and I will have a more accurate u/s.


Duck said...

Sorry that your having such a hard time. I have had my lining decrease, and I always had my RE measure my lining, not significantly reduce but reduce nonetheless (but keeep in mind I Have never had a lining that was as thick as 7mm (the largest it ever got was almost 4mm) and it is subjective, the RE would take a bunch of measurements and it was more like the average that was the "number" but having a lower measurement one day isn't a bad sign.

Niki said...

Uggh, seriously Kris?! WTF?! Did your e2 fall? If not, then I'm guessing the measurements were off at one of the appointments. I can't imagine your lining shrinking without falling e2 and/or bleeding! I had 3 different people at RMIA measure my lining once and all, including Dr. S, had slighting different measurements. I wouldn't worry about it much. I find it particularly annoying that Dr. C didn't measure each follie, but rather estimated . WTF?! I hope that you have better results with M on Monday!

(BTW ... K saw Dr. C for her SHG. She's nice, but definitely no Dr. S!)

Jill M. said...

My lining measurements go up and down when I have several different sonographers doing my u/s. They all seem to measure just a little bit differently. I remember the first time this happened to me, I freaked and spent countless hours researching why it would decrease. So since it was a different person doing the measuring, I would not worry about it another second.

It irritates me when they just half way look at the follies and estimate. Do they not realize what we are going through and that we want accurate measurements and counts?? Do they think we just came in for some dildo-cam action just because we we're bored?

I look forward to hearing your accurate results next monitoring visit.

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

You must be sooo frustrated. I hope your better nurse comes up with better results for you on Monday.

kayjay said...

That's terrible that you had to suffer through your appts with someone who seems to know less than you do about cycling. I aggree with the OP's that it is highly subjective and a little off here and there will make all the difference in the world in terms of measurement. I would just wait and see what your u/s tech says today and rely on her expertise. At least it will be consistently done with your other good u/s, not the joke of one done on the weekend.