Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ultrasound Update #4 and Superstars

I had my last monitoring u/s this morning. So what does that mean? I get to take my trigger shot tonight! Woohoo! My ER is scheduled for Friday morning at 8:45. We have to be at the clinic at 7:20 so DH can give his 'sample' to help create our little embryos that will hopefully become our children. Here are the results from today's u/s:

Measureable Follies (>10): 26!
Small Follies: (<10): 11
Total Follies: 37!
Lining: 10.8 B/C

As many of you know, not all of the follicles retrieved will be mature or fertilize. And not all of them will become beautiful little embabies. The small follies won't have enough time to catch up and be big enough, but I included them in my stats because that is just a lot of frickn' eggs! This is by far the most I have ever had. I am impressed, amazed and a bit proud of my ovaries, the little over-achievers. Now let's just hope that OHSS does not follow ER.

My lining is looking really good too. I am a bit concerned that it is not a full "C" yet, but I won't have ET until next Wednesday. The nurse said it was almost a "C", but not quite there yet.

I also have to thank a few Superstars! First, thanks to my now retired Dad (his last day was last Friday after 35 years of service- now that is impressive!) for taking L on Monday morning so I could go to my u/s. Thank you also to my Mom and Dad for taking L tomorrow overnight and into Friday for ER. Thanks to my MIL for taking L this morning so that I could go to my u/s and for taking L next Wednesday all day for my transfer. Thanks to a couple of my friends for wishing me well and continually asking me for updates and making sure that I am doing okay. I feel really surrounded by so many great people right now and it feels fabulous. I just hope this awesome feeling lasts for nine months!


kayjay said...

OMG!! That is an amazing number of eggs and I hope that there are a ton of mature ones that fertilize!!! I have crossed everything that can be crossed for you and I am waiting along with you to hear how ER goes!! So far, things look pretty good and I hope that they just continue onto great!!!!

DAVs said...

Holy cow that is a lot of follies! Good luck with the ER, hoping for continued smooth sailing from here on out.

Deb said...

That is quite a #! There has got to be the a golden egg or two in this batch. Take care and I will be thinking of you on Friday. Update us when you can.

Jill M. said...

Egg machine!!! Best of luck to you! Surely you'll get a take home baby out of this. Can't wait to hear your retrieval report.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing girl! What a little egg producer you are! :) Your in my thoughts and prayers each and everyday are so special to me and I want nothing but the best for you. Good luck hon and we'll be in touch!! :) Sheri

Just a thought....would you ever want to meet 1/2 way on Tuesday and L could stay with us until Fri/Sat?? I could meet M that one of those days to swap back?? O would LOVE it...just a thought. Let me know. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Just realized I can't type...sorry for the typo's above!! ;) LOL!!


Blossom and Her Fruit said...

You are an egg makin' machine!!! Congrats. Happy trigger!