Monday, May 4, 2009

Ultrasound Update #3

I went in this morning for monitoring u/s #3. To my surprise, my favorite nurse called in sick today. I was so bummed out when the receptionist told me. The nurse who was doing the u/s today is my least favorite nurse. She was so slow, they had to go get an RE to do my u/s since they were running so far behind. Lo and behold, it was the same one who did it on Saturday.

When she walked in the room and gave me the chart so I could mark my follie sizes I looked at my lining notes from Saturday. They were changed from 7.0 to 7.7. So here was our conversation:

Me: Oh, you changed this?

RE: Yes, I looked at it wrong the other day. And when we did the follicle check I don't usually measure the smaller follicles because we know they are there, but they aren't big enough yet.

Me: (thinking: the nurse must have told her I wasn't pleased with the u/s) Thank you for explaining. It's just that after we have spent so much time and money trying to have a baby I just really want to know where I am at. I was concerned with this new protocol that we were taking steps backwards because my lining was thinner and my follicle count was less than it was at my previous u/s.

RE: I understand. Sorry for wrecking your day on Saturday.

Me: You didn't wreck my day, just a couple of minutes. (insert laughter from RE and I).

RE: OK, so we will count all of them today and give you a better count.

It was a really light-hearted conversation and I was glad that she addressed my frustration from Saturdays u/s.

Here are my stats:

Follicles: 12 measurable (over 10), 17 unmeasurable (under 10), the biggest measuring at 16
Total follie count: 29!
Lining: 10.25

She told me that the smaller ones will really start popping up now and catch up (this also happened on my last two fresh cycles). I have to go back in on Wednesday and she thinks ER will be on Friday.


Deb said...

Anxiously waiting!

Sue said...

wow! 29! your ovaries are totally over-achievers! Glad things are moving along!

DAVs said...

That is a ton of follicles! That's awesome.
I know it's hard, and duh, you've done this many many times but I always have to just take things one u/s, appointment, blood draw, etc. at a time. It's all any of us IVF vets can do, right?? Good luck!!!

Duck said...

holy big fluffy uterus!!! glad it went better (maybe she reads this blog).

Jill M. said...

Ok, at first I was panicking, oh no, not the same RE again!!!! Very relieved to hear how it all went down. I'm glad you voiced your concerns and that it got back to her. I'm sure she will take this in consideration for all patients from here on out. You saved many patients the grief you went through.

So about your results, wow!!!

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

Holy cow!!! Nice job! You have more eggs than I've had in 4 total cycles! Amazing!

Jen said...

Well, that's good news. :) I'm really pulling for you. So glad to see that things were better than they first appeared.